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So intuitive your grandparents could attend!


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'Case Study'
When we looked at the market for the perfect virtual events platform, for multipurpose, engaging, online events... We couldn't find one. So we built our own.

Our vision is to emulate real life, using the most intuitive tools at our disposal. We have used the familiar concept of watching television and laid our platform out, so it feels like your watching television at home, sat next to your friends or colleagues while taking part in an activity.

Our virtual events can include multiple custom elements, which are listed below.
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Customisable elements

Event Title

Entertainment / Guest Speakers / Team Coaching
BucketRace provides a wide range of games and entertainment for its clients. You can see our catalogue of online games here:

We also have a wide network of external entertainers, coaches, motivational speakers and musicians. Please let us know what kind of entertainment you’d like for your event and we will provide you with a selection to choose from.

You are also welcome to provide your own entertainment, coaches or speakers please and we can set them up as a broadcaster in our system.

Event Structure
You can set your event up in two ways. You can schedule all your day's events back to back and seamlessly blend everything together, or you can run multiple activities in parallel simultaneously.

Channels, Rooms and the user interface

Your event structure will usually determine how many live broadcast channels you need. If you’ve decided to run your events’ activities back to back, then you will only need one channel. If you’ve decided to run your activities in parallel you may need more. Not every activity needs a live broadcast channel; however, we can set up other kinds of live media if you wish (music streams, video play lists or picture compilations). Currently we provide up to 16 channels as standard; however, we can create more upon request.

Some channel examples include:-
* DJ channel
* Magician channel
* Comedian channel
* Live music channel
* Gameshow channel
* Guest speaker channel

Rooms are where you socialise using video conferencing. Typically, we recommend that you align your rooms with your entertainment and/or your channels, so people can socialise while they’re taking part in the same activity. The exception to this rule is when you want to break into teams, which is explained in the next section. Currently we provide up to 16 rooms as standard; however, we can create more upon request.

Teams are rooms that you break into for specific activities, such as team training or BucketRace games. Currently we provide up to 16 teams as standard; however, we can create more upon request. If you’ve selected a BucketRace game as a part of your entertainment, please select whether you’d like to play head to head, or in teams.

Would you like to play head to head or in teams?

User Interface
As standard the user interface (UI) comes with an Agenda and Event Chat. You can add further information to help your audience engage with the different activities, entertainment and training. (If you have chosen to include one of BucketRace games, we will set this up in the UI for you).

Some examples include:-
* Recipes
* Competitions
* Masterclass instructions
* Game interfaces
* Product information
* General Instructions
* Links to other resources

We will only include as much detail as you provide us, so please make sure you outline exactly what you want on the form we have provided.

Event Agenda / Schedule
Prepare your agenda to be detailed as possible, to provide a better experience for your guests. Also bear in mind that some guests may be less confident than others when using technology, so please allow for extra time to accommodate for those people.

Each activity should include a short description or a long description (optional) and the channel where the activity will be taking place. Please note that anything on a live streaming channel is like being on television. It’s one way and users can’t chat with the broadcaster via video. They can only chat via the chat room, using messaging. This is perfect, for example, for DJ’s taking song requests or a guest speaker doing Q&A. However, if the activity is being run by one of your team, in a smaller group and you want the presenter to be able to socially interact with the guests using video chat, we’d suggest that you use the video conference room to host the activity. We can still spotlight the presenter and make them the focal point of the group, but this also allows us to keep the meeting more intimate, social and familiar.

Please use the attached form to layout your agenda.

Short description
This should be like a bullet point or a title for the activity.

Long description (optional)
This is a pop-up description that appears when a guest clicks on the short description.

Event Staff
We offer a selection of different event staff to help support your virtual event. (Currently we provide an event planner, director and customer support rep, as a part of our standard service).

* Event planner
The event planner will set up your event for you. Having an event planner allows you to make your event more bespoke, oppose a more regimented out the box set-up.

* Event director / host
The event director will coordinate your entire event for you on the day. Provide a verbal introduction at the beginning of the event and closing ‘thank you’ at the end. They will also co-ordinate all of the attendees and presenters on the day.

* Event editor
We can provide an event editor to create, produce and broadcast live media on the day of your event. Examples include judging event day competitions, show casing event highlights and media acquired throughout the day.

* Virtual event customer support (1 per 20 attendees advised)
We understand that the virtual world can be confusing for some and we want to ensure that everyone has a best user experience possible. We can provide video chat, phone and messenger chat support to your event attendees. We advise at least 1 customer support rep per 20 attendees; however, we also look at this case by case. For more dynamic and engaging events, we may advise having additional support. If you believe that your group may benefit from extra support, please make sure to include it as a part of your package! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Host / Admin controls
Host controls allow the host to change the behaviour of the page in real time. This gives the host a high level of control over how the attendees interact within the event. We can also break attendees into different groups, allowing us to control the elements different groups see. (For events that are running multiple activities at the same time, we include a triggered event timer that brings everyone back to main event as standard).

Some examples include
* Turning off page elements such as the screens or user interface elements.
* Changing between page elements such as the screens or user interface elements.
* Pop up messages
* Pop up media (video, photo, audio)
* Countdown timers
* Countdown timers that trigger events
* Moving groups from one room to another
* Moving groups from one live stream to another
* Adding additional help, guidance and

Attendee list
RSVP attendees list.

Event Branding
Your company logo will be displayed on your virtual events page and in some gameplay media. We can add further event branding upon request.
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BucketRace respects your privacy. The information you provide us is intended for internal use only, and we will not share, sell, or distribute your information. You may receive news about BucketRace's services and events in the future.

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