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Scavenger Hunts London

Embark on thrilling scavenger hunts in London with BucketRace! Our tasks, challenges, and puzzles are carefully designed to immerse you in the vibrant culture, lively vibe, and distinctive essence of each area. Whether it's the rich history, iconic monuments, intriguing trivia, diverse residents, bustling tourists, thrilling activities, captivating geography, or the very raison d'être of a place, we've crafted engaging, enjoyable, and unforgettable ways to explore these unique areas. As you embark on our scavenger hunts, get ready to unleash your competitive spirit while indulging in entertainment, adventure, and rediscovering the joy of being a child at heart. So, get ready to unleash your creativity, let go of the norm, and dive into the excitement of scavenger hunts in London with BucketRace!


Brixton Scavenger Hunt

Brixton is a lively, multicultural area with a down-to-earth vibe. It offers street food, vintage finds, clothes and produce that reflect the area’s Caribbean roots. Brixton is lively during both the day and nighttime, providing lots of eateries, entertainment and activities.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks reflect Brixton's Caribbean vibe. Examples include: Eat Plantain out of a Banana skin | Rock down Electric Avenue while singing Eddie Grant | Find 3 different Caribbean Flags

Start: Henry Irving Stone | End: Henry Irving Stone

Route Type: Loop | 2.4 Miles | 3.9km

Highlights: Brixton Windmill | Pop Brixton | Brixton Market | Ritzy Cinema

Notable Figures: David Bowie | Eddie Grant | Mark Eley

Vibe: Caribbean | Gentrification

Camden Scavenger Hunt

Camden is a vibrant, diverse area with a ties to Rock & Roll, Judaism, Canal trade and Horse Power. Camden Market offers many independent stores, providing an eclectic alternative mix of food, clothes and music. Camden's High Street provides daytime shopping and an active nightlight.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks showcase Camden's roots. Examples include: Gallop in front of large Metal Horses | Start a Rave inside Cyberdog | Sit on a canal barge

Start: ATM (Lu Chalk Farm) | End: Pancras Square

Route Type: A to B | 1.6 Miles | 2.6km

Highlights: Stable Markets | St Pancras | The British Library

Notable Figures: Amy Winehouse | Harry Potter | Charles Dickens

Vibe: Rock & Roll

London Scavenger Hunt
Central London

Our central London route is slightly different to our other routes. It's a combination of our Soho, Covent Garden, Westminster and Hyde Park locations. Meaning it has mixed feel to it, with some of the best and most interesting sights London has to offer. We use this route for some of one off our public events and it typically suits tourists who are looking to see some of the big sites!  

Examples scavenger hunt tasks: Take a perspective photo of Big Ben | High five a Horse Parade Guard | Cuddle a Giant Teddy Bear in Harrods

Start: Golden Square | End: Golden Square

Route Type: Loop | 4.8 Miles | 7.7km

Highlights: China Town | West End | Westminster | Hyde Park

Notable Figures: Admiral Nelson | Van Gogh | Shakespeare

Vibe: Political | Tourist | Diverse | Sightseeing

Covent Garden Scavenger Hunt
Covent Garden

Covent Gardens route runs from Leicester Square, to Piccadilly Circus, to Trafalgar Square, finishing in Covent Garden. It covers some of London's most notorious tourist spots, including the national gallery, nelsons column and Covent Gardens famous street performances.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks uncover Covent Gardens hidden Gems. Examples include: Join in with the show | Lay with a Giant Lion | Get shot by Eros's love arrow

Start: The Piazza | End: Leicester Square

Route Type: A to B | 0.4 Miles | 0.6km

Highlights: Apple Market | Trafalgar Square | Leicester Square

Notable Figures: Moomins | Charlie Chaplin | Van Gogh | Shakespeare

Vibe: Magical | Theatrical | Performance | Tourist

Customised Route Scavenger Hunt
Customised Route

Would you like to gamify your journey from one destination to another? Well, you're in luck because we can either adapt one of our existing routes or design you a custom route from scratch. Our custom routes can also include additional games for trains, planes and road trips. 
 We have already developed additional routes in, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Paris, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and Berlin.

Docklands Scavenger Hunt

The Docklands - formerly a part of the world's largest port (Port of London). The whole area is rich in shipping, war and business history, hosting London's famous business district Canary Wharf. The Docklands routes provides many daytime activities, contemporary art installations as well as London's O2 arena.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks explore The Docklands past, present and future.  Examples include: Six Public Clocks | Come in like a wrecking Buoy | Skip under the replica entrance to the West India Docks

Start: Jubilee Park | End: Jubilee Park

Route Type: Double Loop | 2.9 Miles | 4.6km

Highlights: The O2 | One Canada Square | Museum of London Docklands

Notable Figures: Captain Kidd | Bernard Montgomery | Winston Churchill

Vibe: Historic | Shipping | Business

East End  Scavenger Hunt
East End

The East End is host to some of London's most famous events, trivia and culture. It's known for it's heavy bombing raids during the blitz, it's host to Jack the Rippers victim sites and was once heavily associated with gangster and crime -most notably the Cray Twins.   

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks capture The East Ends rich history and culture.  Examples include: Try on a Petticoat at Petticoat Lane Market | Find a self raising market | Become a Jack the Ripper Stripper

Start: Stepney Green Park | End: Hackney Downs Park

Route Type: A to B | 3.6 Miles | 5.8km

Highlights: The Blind Beggar | Whitechapel Gallery | Hackney Picturehouse

Notable Figures: Jack the Ripper | The Krays | Barbara Winsor

Vibe: Cockney | Gangsta | Victorian

Greenwich  Scavenger Hunt

Greenwich - The Dawn of Time, home to London's biggest telescope and the birthplace of 3 Tudor monarchs, it really is quite the spectacle. Just far enough removed from the hustle and bustle of London City. Where else can you observe both the London Skyline, Outer Space and 2 time zones at the same time?  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks explore Greenwich's multidimensional space.  Examples include: Locate the birthplace of Henry VIII | Stand in both the Eastern & Western Hemispheres | Hold up Nelson's ship in a bottle

Start: Cutty Sark | End: Greenwich Park

Route Type: A to B | 0.9 Miles | 1.4km

Highlights: Cutty Sark | The Queens House | Royal Observatory

Notable Figures: Captain Woodget | Queen Elizabeth I | Christopher Wren

Vibe: Educational | Nautical | Cosmological

Hyde Park  Scavenger Hunt
Hyde Park

Hyde Park is London's most notorious green space, hosting Kensington palace, the Serpentine as well as multiple monuments / fountains. Adjacent to Hyde Park are some of London's most famous buildings such as The Natural History Museum, The Royal Albert Hall and Harrods.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks orientate around Hyde Parks main features. Examples include: Perform a song in the Bandstand | Ride in a Horse and Carriage | Find a Harrods Green Man

Start: Speakers' Corner | End: Speakers' Corner

Route Type: Loop | 4.8 Miles | 7.7km

Highlights: Royal Albert Hall | The Serpentine | Harrods | History Museum

Notable Figures: Princess Diana | Prince Albert | Queen Victoria

Vibe: Outdoorsy | Tourist

London Bridge  Scavenger Hunt
London Bridge

London Bridge provides a harmonious balance between medieval and modern, with buildings such as The Shard, City Hall and the Towers of London. Its architecture and open spaces are diverse. You can go from standing at the top of London's tallest building to losing yourself in its smallest cul de sac in seconds.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks encapsulate London Bridges hybrid terrain. Examples include: Locate 6 guns pointing at London Gateway service station | Stand under City Halls Spiral | Open a drawbridge

Start: The Scoop | End: The Scoop

Route Type: Loop | 2.1 Miles | 3.4km

Highlights: Towers of London | Golden Hinde | London Bridge

Notable Figures: Anne Boleyn | William Wallace | Alan Sugar

Vibe: Business | Historical | Royal | Naval

Portobello Market  Scavenger Hunt
Portobello Market

Portobello Market is known for its chic boujee style, famous antique markets, and association with the film 'Notting Hill. With every turn you are inundated with some kind of noticeable references, from the famous 'blue door' to Paddington Bears work place, to Farmer Streets row of colourful houses.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks guide you through Notting Hills infamous landscape. Examples include: Leave a funny note in a book at the Notting Hill Travel Book Shop | Wear a Cravat | Knock on Notting Hills Blue Door 

Start: Diana Memorial Playground | End: Portobello Green

Route Type: A to B | 1.4 Miles | 2.3km

Highlights: Portobello Road | Antiques | Film Locations

Notable Figures: Paddington Bear | Hugh Grant

Vibe: Antiquey

Regents Park  Scavenger Hunt
Regents Park

Regents Park is host to an abundance of attractions, activities and public spaces, including London Zoo, London Central Mosque & The Open Air Theatre. It is also adjacent to Baker Street, the famous home of Sherlock Holmes and is the nearest central space to the infamous Beetles - Abbey Road E.P. - photograph.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks chaperone you through The Regents atypical park. Examples include: Recreate the Friends Tv Show intro scene with a fountain | Saw like a bronze Eagle | Walk across a bridge like Ducklings

Start: Triton St | End: Griffin Tazza (Lion Vase)

Route Type: Loop | 4.0 Miles | 6.4km

Highlights: Open Air Theatre | Primrose Hill | Abbey Road | The Oval

Notable Figures: George IV | The Beatles | Sherlock Holmes

Vibe: Outdoorsy | Regal

Richmond Park  Scavenger Hunt
Richmond Park

Richmond park is entrench in rich history, revolving around Kings, Heritage and Wildlife. The park is host to many renowned sites such as, the Isabella Plantation, the White Lodge Museum and Pen Ponds. It’s also prolific with wildlife, such as birds, fungi and deer. 

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks immerse you in Richmond Park’s natural terrain. Examples include: Check your balance at the Call out Fenton to a deer | Spy on St Paul's Cathedral | Follow animal tracks

Start: King Henry's Mound | End: King Henry's Mound 

Route Type: Loop | 4.6 Miles | 7.4km

Highlights: Isabella Plantation | The Royal Ballet School | Pen Ponds

Notable Figures: Henry VIII | James Thomson | David Attenbourough

Vibe: Outdoorsy

Shoreditch  Scavenger Hunt

Shoreditch is a trendy, gentrified area, which combines a modern city feel with a creative, free flowing mentality. Brick Lane provides street food, independent retailers, fun activates and street performers & art. Brick Lane is also known for its Bengal style Curry Houses. 

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks engross you in Shoreditch's distinctive lifestyle. Examples include: Check your balance at the Cockney Cashpoint | Collect an obscure item from Brick Lane Market | Find a Hipster

Start: I Goat Statue | End: Boundary Gardens

Route Type: A to B | 0.9 Miles | 1.5km 

Highlights: Liverpool Street Station | Brick Lane | Truman Brewery | BoxPark

Notable Figures: Adrian Boswell | Joseph Truman | Christiaan Nagel

Vibe: Hipster | New Age | Gentrification | Bengali

Soho  Scavenger Hunt

Soho is small region found bang in the middle of central London, so jam packed with diversity that we decided to give it its own route. It’s known for its strong ties with the LGBT community, China Town, proclivity towards adult entertainment, West End shows and 24/7 energy. 

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks blend into Soho's diverse way of life. Examples include: Jump under the largest Chinese Gate in the U.K. | Sit on a rainbow barrel | Trap your fingers in a Chinese Finger Trap

Start: Soho Square | End: Golden Square

Route Type: A to B | 0.5 Miles | 0.8km

Highlights: Soho Square | China Town | Carnaby Street

Notable Figures: Karl Marx | John Flaxman | Mozart | Harry Potter

Vibe: Adult | Naughty | Diverse

Stratford  Scavenger Hunt

Stratford was once primarily known for its performing arts; however, in 2012 it played host to London's Olympic Games, bringing with it a profusion of new buildings, structures, art works, hangouts and culture. Stratford is now home to the Arcelormittal Orbit, Olympic Stadium and Victoria Parks Chinese Pagoda.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks tour Straford's history, sites and landmarks. Examples include: Choo a public human train around the Railway Tree | Slide down the Arcelormittal Orbit | Sit like Buddha in a Chinese Pagoda 

Start: Information Point Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park | End: Victoria Park Chinese Pagoda

Route Type: A to B | 2.0 Miles | 3.2km

Highlights:  Victoria Park | Olympic Park | Arcelormittal Orbit | Theatre Royal

Notable Figures: Joan Littlewood | Alfred Hitchcock | Thomas J Price

Vibe: Olympian | Theatrical

The Square Mile  Scavenger Hunt
The Square Mile

The Square Mile's route uncovers some of its intricate history, exploring what was once the Roman capital of Londinium, to the modern economical stronghold it is today. It's full of rich history and iconics structures such as St Pauls Cathedral, The Bank of England, Leadenhall Market and the Barbican Centre.  

BucketRace scavenger hunt tasks look into The Square Mile's unique history, customs and traditions. Examples include: Take a perspective photo of the Duke of Wellington with a traffic one on his head | Deposit your teammate at a bank |  Locate a Pineapple

Start: Paternoster Square Column | End: Paternoster Square Column

Route Type: Loop | 1.4 Miles | 2.3km

Highlights: St Pauls | Bank of England | Barbican | Leadenhall Market

Notable Figures: Duke of Wellington | The Lord Mayor | Arthur Wellesley

Vibe: Traditional | Historical | Business

Waterloo  Scavenger Hunt

Waterloo has an assorted mixture of mercantile attractions, hang-outs and different types of entertainment. It's a has a highly commercial, concrete and urban feel, with famous sites such as Shakespeare Globe Theatre, The London Eye, The London Dungeons and the Tate Modern.  

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks escort you in Waterloo's distinctive urban topography. Examples include: Get pointed at by a birdhouse | Become an art connoisseur with a stranger in the Tate Modern | Uncover the original Globe Theatre

Start: Emma Cons Gardens | End: Tate Modern Garden

Route Type: A to B | 1.4 Miles | 2.3km

Highlights: Tate Modern | London Eye | London Dungeons | Globe Theatre

Notable Figures: William Shakespeare | Laurence Olivier | Napoleon

Vibe: Tourist | Theatrical | Artistic

Westminster Scavenger Hunt

Westminster is the governmental hub of London, giving it a major foothold on the world stage with an array of recognisable structures and monuments. This route explores London's political, religious, military and royal yesteryears, covering Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey & The Houses of Parliament. 

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks unite you with Westminster's regal and pious antiquity. Examples include: Hold up Big Ben | Jeer in the Galleries in the House of Lords | Photobomb a selfie in front of Buckingham Palace

Start: Emmeline Pankhurst | End: St James's Café

Route Type: A to B | 0.5 Miles | 0.8km

Highlights: Big Ben | Buckingham Palace | Westminster Abbey

Notable Figures: Winston Churchill | Royal Family | Prime Minister

Vibe: Royal | Political | Tourist

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To date we have organised and designed Race's in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool. We're able to create and run Race's anywhere in the world, so if there's a location you'd like to explore in a new, creative, fun and memorable way, please contact us with your requiremnts.

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