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Scavenger Hunts U.K.

BucketRace's location tasks, challenges and puzzles are built around the culture, vibe and feel of the locations they're in. Within The United Kingdom, every city has something that makes it unique. It may be the areas history, monuments, trivia, residents, tourists, activities, geography or raison d'être. Whatever it is, we've succeeded in building engaging, fun and memorable ways of exploring all of these unique areas, whilst simultaneously creating a competition built around entertainment, adventure and releasing your inner child.

Below we've provided a brief summary of most popular BucketRace locations, including a description of their cultures combined with some of our favourite tasks within that location. 

United Kingdom

Bristol Scavenger Hunt

Bristol is a vibrant city located in the southwest of England. The city is known for its rich, artistic, edgy and creative culture. Bristol offers a diverse array of attractions, from the Clifton Suspension Bridge to the graffiti art of Banksy. Visitors can enjoy local vibes at harbor-side bars or explore the city's many galleries and museums. With a friendly atmosphere and a bustling nightlife.

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks showcase Bristol’s influential account of events. Examples include: Put a traffic cone on Poseidon's trident | Topple Edward Colston | Stuff smoking fuses in your hair and commandeer a boat | Model with a Well Hung Lover

Start: Queens Square | End: Clifton Observatory

Route Type: A to B | 2.4 Miles | 3.9 km

Highlights: Clifton Suspension Bridge | Banksy | Hot Air Balloons

Notable Figures: Darth Vader | Brunel | The Stig | Wallace & Gromit

Vibe: Artsy | Cultural | Bristolian

Manchester Scavenger Hunt

Manchester is a vibrant city known for its lively atmosphere, thriving social scene, and rich cultural heritage. The city is the birthplace of many iconic superstars, social movements and well known sports teams, which attracts passionate people from all walks of life. Our journey delves into Manchester's fascinating history and contemporary culture, immersing you in the Mancunian way of life.

BucketRace's tasks exhibit what Manchester has to offer. Examples include: Start a Madchester Rave at St Peter’s square | Rub a bottle of Vimto | Take a vote with Emmeline Pankhurst | Hold up Beetham Tower’s overhang | Peel a Jason Orange | Bring together a Rolls and a Royce

Start: Manchester Picadilly | End: Manchester Picadilly

Route Type: Loop | 2.2 Miles | 3.5 km

Highlights: St Peter's Square | Old Trafford | Coronation Street

Notable Figures: Emmeline Pankhurst | Marcus Rashford | Oasis | Morrissey

Vibe: Madchester | Football | Industrial

Newcastle Scavenger Hunt

Newcastle is a city known for its high energy, social and party culture. St Jame’s Park football stadium is in the heart of the city, which supports a flow of spirited people and passionate people. Our root explores Newcastles history, and current day culture, immersing you in the Geordie way of life.

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks exhibit what Newcastle has to offer. Examples include: Do a lap of St Jame's Park celebrating like Shearer | Impersonate a flying donkey at Newcastle Castle | Tilt the opposite way to the Millennium Bridge | Speak Geordie with a stranger | Order a bottle of dog

Start: Newcastle Station | End: Quayside

Route Type: A to B | 2.8 Miles | 4.5 km

Highlights: St Jame's Park | Newcastle Castle | Millennium Bridge | Greggs

Notable Figures: Bobby Robson | Alan Shearer | Ant & Dec | Rowan Atkinson

Vibe: Artsy | Cultural | Maritime

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Other locations

To date we have organised and designed Race's in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool. We're able to create and run Race's anywhere in the world, so if there's a location you'd like to explore in a new, creative, fun and memorable way, please contact us with your requiremnts.

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