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Scavenger Hunts Europe

BucketRace's location tasks, challenges and puzzles are built around the culture, vibe and feel of the locations they're in. Within Europe, every city has something that makes it unique. It may be the areas history, monuments, trivia, residents, tourists, activities, geography or raison d'être. Whatever it is, we've succeeded in building engaging, fun and memorable ways of exploring all of these unique areas, whilst simultaneously creating a competition built around entertainment, adventure and releasing your inner child.

Below we've provided a brief summary of most popular BucketRace locations, including a description of their cultures combined with some of our favourite tasks within that location. 


Dublin Scavenger Hunt

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is a vibrant and culturally rich destination that blends history, literature, music, and warm hospitality. Known as the "City of Literature," Dublin has nurtured renowned writers like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and W.B. Yeats. Landmarks like Trinity College Library, Whisky breweries and charming streets inspire literary enthusiasts.

Dublin's architectural beauty shines through landmarks such as Dublin Castle, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the Ha'penny Bridge, reflecting its rich history. Its diverse culinary scene offers traditional Irish dishes and international cuisine, while lively pubs provide an authentic experience with music sessions.

BucketRace's Dublin scavenger hunt immerses participants in the city's culture. Examples include: Pour your own pint of Guinness | Find out the craic from a Jackeen | Dance an Irish jig on Grafton Street.

Start: Dublin Castle | End: Dublin Castle

Route Type: Loop | 8.7 Miles | 13.3 km

Highlights: Guinness Storehouse | Temple Bar | Dublin Castle

Notable Figures: Oscar Wilde | James Joyce | Bono | Conor McGregor

Vibe: Lucky | Friendly | Good Craic

Paris Scavenger Hunt

Paris is the capital city of France and is renowned for its art, architecture, cuisine, language and great thinkers. Known as the "City of Love," Paris offers stunning landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Louvre Museum. Visitors can explore quaint cafes, indulge in French cuisine, and stroll through the picturesque streets. With a rich history and a vibrant atmosphere, Paris remains a top destination for travelers worldwide.

BucketRace's scavenger hunt tasks submerge you into Paris’s rich cultural, innovative and rebellious history. Examples include: Quote Napoleon under the Arc de Triomphe | Pose with a baguette under the Eiffel Tower | Do the Can Can outside the Moulin Rouge | Become a hunch back at the Notre Dame | Join a random group photo at the Mona Lisa

Start: Champ de Mars | End: The Thinker

Route Type: Open Loop | 8 Miles | 12.8 km

Highlights: Eiffel Tower | Moulin Rouge | Notre-Dame | Mona Lisa

Notable Figures: Napoleon | Voltaire | Coco Chanel | Monet

Vibe: Contemporary | Erudite | Parisian

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Other locations

To date we have organised and designed Race's in Berlin, Amsterdam, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Manchester and Liverpool. We're able to create and run Race's anywhere in the world, so if there's a location you'd like to explore in a new, creative, fun and memorable way, please contact us with your requiremnts.

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