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Weekly Sports Quiz Questions: 25/03/2024

Updated: Apr 8

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Greetings, fervent enthusiasts of athletic pursuits! Are you prepared to dive headlong into the enthralling whirlpool of competition and fervor? Cling steadfast to your seats, for we unveil to you a spectacle of unmatched grandeur: behold, the "Weekly Sports Quiz" gala, poised to grace your screens this March of 2024!

Observe, dear comrades, as we shun the mundane route of commonplace sporting contests. Instead, we embark on a journey through the throbbing nexus where the domains of sport and current events intersect in a charged ballet!

Whether you stand as a maestro of inconsequential wisdom, revealing in the lore of Formula 1, a nostalgic spirit pining for the halcyon days of soccer, or simply one who discovers solace in the adrenaline-charged panorama of competition, our challenge is crafted to ignite the spark within your spirit and beckon you back for more!

Thus, gird your loins, kindle the flames of your sporting fervour, and ready yourself for an adventure unlike any other! The rallying cry echoes, and the 2024 Weekly Love Match stands poised to captivate you in its embrace! Prepare for a whirlwind of passion, dedication, and sporting valor as never before beheld! 💘🏀🏈⚾🎾🏓🥍

And thus concludes our final instalment of the Weekly Sports Quiz, a testament to the ardor shared and the spirit of competition that ignites us all.

Sport Quiz Questions
Sport Quiz Questions

Sports Quiz Questions 2024

1. Which former Wales rugby star has signed for NFL champions Kansas City Chiefs?

2. Who will Xabi Alonso be managing next season?

3. The London Lions were knocked out by which team in the EuroCup?

4. Who will played in the Miami Open final?

5. Who won the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race?

6. Shohei Ohtani, the Los Angeles Dodgers star, accused his translator of stealing around $5 million from him to pay for what?

7. Why was the Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race nearly cancelled?

8. Jurgen Klopp says which other manager is 'turning football upside down’?

9. Which Premier League Football Team has reported a loss of £89.1m for 2022-23 season?

10. Which professional football and professional darts star got into a spat on Twitter over the Man United result?

Sports Quiz Answers 2023

1. Louis Rees-Zammit

2. Bayer Leverkusen

3. Paris

4. Jannik Sinner vs Grigor Dimitrov

5. Cambridge

6. A gambling debt

7. E. coli in the Thames River

8. Roberto de Zerbi

9. Everton

10. Luke Littler and Neil Maupay

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Monthly Sports Quiz Template
Monthly Sports Quiz Template

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