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Weekly Sports Quiz Questions: 11/03/2024

Updated: Mar 24

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Greetings, fervent enthusiasts of athletic endeavors! Are you poised to plunge headlong into the captivating vortex of competition and fervor? Cling tightly to your seats, for we unveil unto you a spectacle of unparalleled magnificence: behold, the "Weekly Sports Quiz" spectacle, poised to grace your screens this March of 2024!

Behold, dear comrades, we do not tread upon the path of ordinary sporting contests. Nay, we embark upon a voyage through the pulsating nexus where the realms of sport and current affairs intertwine in an electrifying dance!

Whether you stand as a virtuoso of trivia, regaling in the lore of Formula 1, a sentimental soul pining for the halcyon days of football glory, or merely one who finds solace in the adrenaline-fuelled spectacle of competition, our challenge is crafted to kindle the flame within your bosom and beckon you back for more!

So, gird your loins, stoke the embers of your sporting fervoux r, and prepare for an odyssey unlike any other! The clarion call resounds, and the 2024 Weekly Love Match stands poised to enrapture you in its embrace! Brace yourselves for a tempest of ardor, devotion, and sporting valor as never before witnessed! 💘🏀🏈⚾🎾🏓🥍

Sport Quiz Questions
Sport Quiz Questions

Sports Quiz Questions 2024

1. Which player received a standing ovation at Stamford Bridge in the Women's Super League this week?

2. Why was the Gladiators semi-final airing schedule pushed back one week?

3. Which Brentford player was sent off after only 8 minutes in their clash against Burnley?

4. Manchester City will face which side in the Champions League quarter finals?

5. How many Premiere League fixtures took place this week due to the F.A. Cup schedule?

6. Who will face off in the women’s Indian Wells final?

7. Which country says it has been offered £100m to help stage the 2026 Commonwealth Games?

8. Which EFL side have made the F.A. cup semi-finals?

9. Belgium's Jasper Philipsen won which fastest-ever road cycling race?

10. Which six nations team has picked up their first wooden spoon since 2003?

Sports Quiz Answers 2023

1. Lauren James

2. To air the FA Cup quarter-final between Manchester City and Newcastle

3. Sergio Reguilón

4. Real Madrid

5. 4

6. Maria Sakkari and Iga Swiatek

7. Malaysia

8. Coventry City

9. Milan-San Remo

10. Wales

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Monthly Sports Quiz Template
Monthly Sports Quiz Template

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