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Virtual Events, Team Building and The Future

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Virtual team bonding increases efficiency and collaboration within remote teams. It helps employees feel connected and valued, which in return makes them highly dedicated to their goals and the company in general. Creating these bonds not only promotes team harmony, but it can help increase productivity. Virtual team-building activities help your workforce adapt to a new remote work lifestyle. It helps minimise the negative impact of online workplace cultures, such as the inability to separate work time from personal time, loneliness, and the added stress of a global health crisis.

There are several benefits to virtual team building. Getting your employees involved in virtual team building boosts team morale. A team that demonstrates good morale, typically demonstrates excitement and enthusiasm for their work, which in turn creates an optimistic approach towards the team effort and motivation. If you are used to bouncing ideas off one another to come up with new and exciting concepts for your business, you may find yourself overwhelmed at the notion of long periods ‘working from home’. In turn, your creativity, problem solving abilities and motivation can dramatically drop. Therefore, a remote team building event gives you the opportunity to come together as one team, get inspired and break down the walls of the interacting via digital mediums.

In a post-pandemic world, most companies are considering remote work culture as a permanent course of action. The employees can save significant travel time while the organisations can cut down on expenses. The technological crash course forced upon us by the pandemic has some silver linings. Looking forward, many people can benefit from a better work/life balance, now that we’re set up to work in a virtual world.

It looks like virtual team-building will have its place for the foreseeable future. When virtual events are well-coordinated, they can be a win-win for both employees and their organisation. So why not check out our list of virtual team building activities here:

Guide price: £25 per player.

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