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How Does Online Team
Building Work?

Virtual team events in 2021

It seems appropriate to suggest that working remotely and communicating virtually will be at the core of any business operation within the foreseeable future. This begs the question… How do you keep remote teams motivated and cohesaed in the era of virtual communication? The data suggests that virtual team building events are at the core of any well-oiled digital team, increasing feelings of connectedness, belonging and well-being.

How do our virtual team building events work?

We’ve taken the time to look at the most recent trends, and most user friendly tools in order to analyse which team virtual building events resonate with employee’s the best. In turn we’ve put together a solution that uses a combination of Zoom, live streaming and mobile UI, to deliver our clients an engaging, captivating, memorable virtual experience like no other. 


All events are hosted by an inclusive, enthusiastic, and energetic live presenter, who will run the show, keep everyone feeling engaged and entertained, and make the entire experience smooth, fun and enjoyable.

Can we play in teams, or head-to-head?

This is us