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The Best 36 Games for a Stag Do

Gentlemen, the moment we've all been waiting for is finally here! As the wedding bells draw near, it's time to celebrate the groom's last days of freedom with an unforgettable stag do. If you've found this blog, you're probably interested in more than a typical stag provides. While the days of drinking yourself blind and duck taping the stag to a lamp post still have their place, adding some creativity to the mix can go a long way. Whether you're the best man, a groomsman, or a close friend, planning a stag do filled with engaging games is a strong way to send the groom off into married life with a bang. Get ready to take part in a set of thrilling and action-packed games that will create lasting memories for the groom and the entire stag party!

Games for a Stag Do
Games for a Stag Do

List of Games for a Stag Do

1. Fuzzy Duck

Materials required: Alcohol of choice and a group of enthusiastic players.

Instructions: Get ready for an uproarious time with "Fuzzy Duck," the drinking game that puts a delightful spin on words and tests your linguistic prowess! Gather your friends in a circle and prepare for some laugh-out-loud moments.

The gameplay is simple yet entertaining. Players take turns saying the words "Fuzzy Duck" in succession. However, the fun doesn't stop there! A player can opt to switch the direction by saying, "Does he?" When this happens, the play continues in the opposite direction, with everyone now saying "Ducky Fuzz."

Be warned, though, as the game's trickery can lead to misspoken phrases such as "duzzy fuck" or "fucky duzz," much to the amusement of all! If any player slips up, plays out of turn, or breaks the rhythm, they must joyfully indulge in an agreed-upon measure of their favourite alcoholic beverage.

2. Thumbmaster

Thumbs, a table and your group of friends.

Instructions: Get ready for a fun and alert game that involves quick reactions and keen observation. In this game of "The Thumbs Up Challenge," one of your buddies will be crowned the esteemed 'Thumbmaster.'

Once the Thumbmaster is appointed, the excitement begins! Whenever the Thumbmaster slyly places their thumb on the edge of the table, everyone must react promptly and do the same. The key is to keep your eyes peeled and respond swiftly.

The player who is last to place their thumb on the table will face the consequence of downing their drink, making the game all the more thrilling! As a reward for their quick reflexes, the last person to join in becomes the new 'Thumbmaster,' ready to take on the role and keep the fun going.

Prepare for laughter, cheers, and some fast-paced thumb action in this lively and engaging challenge!

3. Assume the Position

Materials required: A bag filled with plastic toy soldiers.

Instructions: Prior to the start of the event, the best man gathers all the plastic toy soldiers and places them into a bag. Each participant then draws a toy soldier at random from the bag, determining their designated pose for the night.

Throughout the evening, be it between pub visits or at any spontaneous moment, the best man will call out: "Assume the position!" At this command, the stag participants, transformed into life-size toy soldiers, must replicate the pose of their respective mini soldier counterparts.

4. Ring of Fire

Materials required: Playing cards, alcohol of choice, and a glass for the centre.

Instructions: Gather your friends for a night of merriment with a lively game that combines playing cards with delicious libations. Form a circle, placing the deck of cards face down, and position an empty glass in the centre.

Get ready for a fun-filled time as each player takes their turn to draw a card. Every card holds a different significance that leads to delightful drinking challenges and enjoyment. The game is simple yet exhilarating, as each card unravels a unique set of rules. For example:

  • Ace: Toast to a special occasion or take a celebratory shot!

  • King: Declare a rule that everyone must follow until the next King is drawn.

  • Queen: Ladies' choice – she picks someone to drink with her!

  • Jack: All the "Jacks" cheers together, taking a sip in unison.

  • Number Cards: Follow the number on the card and take that many sips.

  • Joker: An unpredictable twist – create a custom rule or challenge for the group!

As the game progresses, the laughter and camaraderie intensify, making for an unforgettable night of entertainment and revelry. Just remember to drink responsibly and savour the delightful moments shared with friends!

5. Insect Beer Pong

Materials required: Beer, edible bugs, cups, a table, and a ping pong ball.

Instructions: Set up the beer pong table by arranging cups on the table. Fill half of the cups with beer or other stag-friendly beverages, and fill the remaining cups with edible bugs. Ensure the cups are filled to a level where players can see the contents from the throwing line.

Players take turns bouncing the ping pong ball on the table, aiming to land it in one of the cups. Once the ball hits a cup, the player must drink the contents of that cup in one go. If the ball lands in a cup with an edible bug, the player bravely takes a bite of the bug instead.

To add an extra challenge, any player who fails to make a successful shot into a cup three times in a row will have to consume an edible bug as a penalty. It's a thrilling and adventurous game that guarantees plenty of laughs and unforgettable memories during your stag celebration!

6. Higher or Lower

Materials required: A deck of playing cards and drinks.

Instructions: In "Higher or Lower," gather your friends in a circle with the deck of cards in hand. Take turns revealing your cards to the person next to you. Now comes the crucial part – guess whether the next card your neighbor draws will be higher or lower than yours.

If your prediction is correct, the person next to you takes a drink. But beware, if you guess wrong, it's your turn to sip from your drink. And, to add a twist, if both cards end up with the same value, both you and your neighbor must finish your drinks. The game guarantees plenty of laughter and friendly competition throughout the night!

7. Pub Golf

Materials required: Golfing attire, a list of pubs, and drinks.

Instructions: Get ready for a "Pub Golf" experience that combines the best of golfing and pub crawling! Gather your friends and dress in your finest golfing gear. Decide whether you'll embark on a 9-hole or 18-hole adventure through various watering holes.

Assign each pub a "par" score (e.g., 3, 4, or 5 gulps). When you arrive at a pub, each participant must down their drink in the designated number of gulps according to the par. Keep score at each pub, and the player with the lowest score at the end of the night wins! It's a fantastic way to enjoy the evening and have some fun challenges along the way.

8. Dead Ants

Materials required: A group of participants ready to have a blast.

Instructions: "Dead Ants" is an uproarious game that requires the group to appoint a "dictator" for the fun. When the dictator shouts 'DEAD ANT,' everyone must immediately drop to the floor, stick their arms and legs up in the air, and scramble around like ants, no matter where they are. Witness the hilarity as the entire group joins in and you all become a sea of wiggling ants. This game guarantees non-stop laughter and priceless memories!

9. Don't Say a Word

Materials required: A list of banned words and drinks.

Instructions: Prepare for a game of "Don't Say a Word" by creating a list of banned words for the event. These words could be anything, from the bride's name to common drinking terms like pint, loo, beer, shot, and more. Throughout the night, anyone caught saying these taboo words must face a punishment, like taking a drink. It gets even better when you try to trick some of the lads into saying these words as well! The game is a fantastic way to keep everyone on their toes and adds a layer of fun to the celebration. Cheers to a memorable night ahead!

10. The Ultimate Mr & Mrs Quiz

Materials required: Our collection of uproarious questions.

Instructions: Inspired by the classic TV show but cranked up with extra doses of amusement and awkwardness for the groom, our Mr & Mrs Quiz is divided into five delightfully embarrassing rounds, designed to tease and terrify the groom. Brace yourself as we uncover some laugh-out-loud revelations ("Wait until your Mrs hears your answers!").

Get ready for a rollicking time with this free downloadable or printable set of questions. It's an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, making your special occasion even more memorable!

11. Cards Against Humanity

Materials needed: Cards Against Humanity deck.

Instructions: Get ready for a night of uproarious fun with the one and only Cards Against Humanity – the outrageously entertaining card game that keeps on delivering laughs! This dark and unapologetic game is the perfect way to kickstart your evening as you and your friends unleash your inner mischief and humor.

For those few who might still be unfamiliar with CAH (seriously, where have you been?), here's how it works: One player will ask a question from the card they draw, and the rest of the group will compete to find and play the funniest and most twisted answer from their cards. Get ready for shocking, side-splitting moments that will have you all laughing uncontrollably!

With Cards Against Humanity, you're in for a wild ride of hilarity, making it an unforgettable experience that will leave everyone in stitches!

12. Shark Attack

Materials required: Drinks and a group of participants ready to react quickly.

Instructions: During your stag night out, designate one person as the "shark spotter." As you and your friends enjoy the night, the shark spotter will suddenly shout 'SHARK ATTACK!' When you hear these two words, everyone must act swiftly and try to find something above the ground to climb onto. It could be the bar, a table, or anything else within reach. The last person to secure a safe spot will face the consequences and take a drink. Enjoy the thrill of scrambling to safety and the laughter that follows!

13. The Price is Right

Materials required: A list of random items and change. Instructions: "The Price is Right" adds a fun and competitive twist to your night out. Split into pairs or groups, and give each team the same amount of change. The game host will read out an item, and each team must bid on the price of that item. The objective is to guess the closest price without going over. The team with the most accurate bid, and who is under the actual price, wins that round. The losing teams must take an alcoholic forfeit, like taking a drink. It's a lighthearted game that brings out everyone's competitive spirit and adds a fun element to your stag night.

14. The Name Game

Materials required: Nothing but your memory.

Instructions: Gather in a circle and get ready for "The Name Game." Each person must say the name of a famous person whose name starts with the same letter as their own name. The game continues until someone hesitates or repeats a name. The last man standing, who hasn't made a mistake, wins the game. You can add a twist by giving a penalty to anyone who's out, like taking a drink. It's a simple yet entertaining game that keeps everyone engaged and showcases your knowledge of famous names.

15. Wax Attack

Materials required: A set of waxing strips.

Instructions: "Wax Attack" is a game of random and spontaneous moments. Whenever a member of the party fails a challenge, declines a dare, or loses a game, a passer-by is asked to use a waxing strip on their body. The application is quick, the pain is intense, and the results are hilarious. Be prepared for lots of laughter and perhaps some hilarious expressions as the night goes on!

16. Opposite Hand

Materials required: Drinks and a vigilant eye.

Instructions: "Opposite Hand" is a game that adds a playful twist to drinking. Whenever someone in the group wants to take a sip of their drink, they must use their opposite hand to do so. If you catch anyone using the wrong hand, you can call them out, and they must face a punishment. But be careful, if you call out someone incorrectly, you must take the punishment instead. It's a simple yet amusing game that keeps the atmosphere light and the party going strong!

17. Last Man Standing

Materials required: A pair of outrageous pants.

Instructions: In "Last Man Standing," at any point during the evening, if a stag sits down on the ground, the rest of the stags must follow suit and sit down as well. The last man standing, the only one not sitting, must wear the hideous pants over their trousers until the next time the game is played. If a stag sits down, and none of the others join in, they must wear the pants instead. It's a hilarious game that adds a playful element to your night out and creates some unforgettable photo opportunities!

18. Trunk of Drunk

Materials required: Trunk of Drunk game set.

Instructions: Trunk of Drunk is the ultimate icebreaker before your big night out with the boys. Get ready for an unforgettable evening as you and your friends take on eight classic drinking games all in one! From Beer Pong to Ring of Fire and Never Have I Ever, this game has it all to kickstart the party and keep the fun flowing throughout the night.

19. 6 Knickers

Materials required: A pair of knickers and coins.

Instructions: "6 Knickers" is a fun and easy game to play. Each player places a coin in the palm of their hand. When the best man says the word "Knickers," everyone opens their palms to reveal their coins. The best man then counts the number of heads and tails showing. Players with the highest number of corresponding faces showing are safe, while the rest continue to play. For example, if there are 15 players, and there are 8 heads and 7 tails showing, those holding heads are safe, and the other 7 players go again.

The game continues until you have a loser. When only two players remain, a coin toss decides the loser. The unlucky loser must put on the knickers over their trousers and wear them until the next bar when the game is played again. To make it even more interesting, ask the bride-to-be to donate a pair of her knickers for added hilarity.

20. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Materials required: These Cards Will Get You Drunk card game.

Instructions: "These Cards Will Get You Drunk" is a straightforward and entertaining game. Simply draw a card from the top of the pile, read the card aloud, and then follow the instructions or dares written on the card. The game is filled with hilarious challenges and dares, giving you the opportunity to have some fun with the groom and other stags. It's a surefire way to keep the party lively and full of laughter!

21. Ben Hur

Materials required: A bunch of relatively fit blokes and a sense of humour.

Instructions: "Ben Hur" adds a comical twist to moving from one bar to another during your stag night. Split the group into even-numbered teams and inform them of the next destination. Each team must decide who among them is the lightest, who will now become the 'charioteer.' The rest of the team becomes the 'Roman chariot.'

Once you give the starters orders, the teams must pick up their 'charioteer' and race to the next bar. The fun part is that the 'charioteer's' feet must not touch the ground at any time. The last man standing with their 'charioteer' safely off the ground wins the round. However, if a 'charioteer' sits down and none of the others join in, then they must wear the hideous pants over their trousers until the next time the game is played. You can even set up the groom to wear the pants for extra laughs, leaving him stitched up for the rest of the night!

22. Freeze Frame

Materials required: Quick reflexes and drinks.

Instructions: "Freeze Frame" is a game that tests your observation skills and reaction time. At any given moment during the evening, a stag can choose to freeze completely still. The rest of the stags must quickly follow suit and freeze as well. The last man to spot the freeze and freeze themselves must pay a penalty, like taking a drink. It adds an element of surprise and excitement to the night, keeping everyone on their toes and creating plenty of laughs along the way.

24. Send To All

Materials required: No phones allowed!

Instructions: In "Send To All," phones are strictly off-limits when all the lads are together. Any stag caught using their phone will have it taken away and handed to the groom. The groom will then send a text to the phone's entire contact list without the guilty party seeing what is written. It's a hilarious way to add some mischief to the night and keep everyone engaged in the festivities.

25. Spanish Archer

Materials required: Elbows and some creativity.

Instructions: Embrace the weird and get ready for "Spanish Archer"! For the remainder of the evening, you cannot call another stag by their name. Instead, you must use your elbows to point to the stag you want to address. If you forget and use their real name, you must face a forfeit. "El Bow" - see what we did there? It's a fun and quirky game that guarantees laughter and adds a unique twist to your stag celebration.

26. Man With No Name

Materials required: Stag nicknames.

Instructions: In "Man With No Name," traditional names are out, and stag nicknames are in! Assign each stag a nickname at the beginning of the night. Anyone who forgets and uses a stag's real name instead of their nickname must face a forfeit. It's a great way to bond the group and create fun memories throughout the celebration.

27. Who Dares Wins

Materials required: A set of dare cards.

Instructions: In "Who Dares Wins," players take turns drawing dare cards and must complete the challenges written on them. The dares can be hilarious, daring, or even a little mischievous, creating plenty of entertaining moments during the night. You can use pre-made dare cards or come up with your own to tailor the game to the group's humour and preferences.

28. Oscar Bravo

Materials required: Movie knowledge.

Instructions: "Oscar Bravo" is all about testing your movie knowledge in everyday conversations. Each player must engage with random strangers and seamlessly insert three movie quotes into the conversation without being noticed. The challenge is to get the quotes in without getting caught. If someone is spotted, they must face a forfeit. It's a fun and clever game that celebrates your love for cinema and brings an extra layer of entertainment to the night.

29. Lyrical Gangster!

Materials required: Music knowledge.

Instructions: Similar to "Oscar Bravo," "Lyrical Gangster" challenges players to incorporate three song lyrics into conversations with random people. The goal is to do it without being caught. Anyone who gets caught must face a forfeit. It's a great way to celebrate your musical tastes and have some fun interactions with strangers during the night.

30. Don't Get Got!

Materials required: Don't Get Got game set.

Instructions: "Don't Get Got" is a game of stealth and cunning. Each player receives six secret missions to complete, where they'll try to trick another player into doing something without them realising it's part of the game. The objective is not to be the one who "gets got." Keep your wits about you and be on the lookout for sneaky tricks from your fellow stags throughout the night!

31. Plastic Pegs

Materials required: Colourful pegs.

Instructions: "Plastic Pegs" is a harmless yet amusing game to play during a night out. Each stag is assigned a specific colour. The objective is to secretly attach your colour peg to the clothing of as many strangers as possible without being caught. The winner is the person who manages to get rid of all their pegs first! If there aren't enough colours, split into teams for added fun and competition.

32. Two Truths, One Lie!

Materials required: Two truths and one lie each.

Instructions: "Two Truths, One Lie" is a fantastic icebreaker for large groups with a mix of stags who may not know each other well. Each stag must think of three statements or stories involving themselves and the groom. Two of these statements are true, and one is a lie. The other stags must guess which one is the lie. If someone guesses incorrectly, they must take a shot. It's a great way to learn interesting facts about each other and create memorable moments during the night.

33. Whoosh!

Materials required: Drinks and a group of participants.

Instructions: "Whoosh!" is a simple yet exciting game that can be played throughout the night. Whenever anyone in the group has a drink in their hand, they must be prepared for a surprise. At any moment, someone can shout 'whoosh!' as loudly as they can. The moment this happens, everyone else must immediately join in and shout 'whoosh!' as well, followed by downing their drinks in unison. It's a fantastic way to keep the party lively and everyone's spirits high!

34. I Never

Materials required: Drinks and a list of statements.

Instructions: "I Never" is a fantastic way to get everyone merry and discover intriguing facts about each other. Begin by making statements about things you've never done before, such as "I've never been skydiving" or "I've never sung karaoke." Anyone in the group who has done the mentioned activity must take a drink. If the groom is guilty of having done any of these things, he must provide more details about the experience. It's a game that leads to hilarious revelations and lots of laughter among friends.

35. Opposite Hand

Materials required: Drinks and a vigilant eye.

Instructions: "Opposite Hand" is a game that adds an entertaining twist to drinking. Throughout the night, whenever someone in the group fancies taking a sip of their drink, they must use their opposite hand to do so. Be attentive, as you can call out anyone who forgets to use their opposite hand and give them a reprimand. But be cautious; if you call out someone incorrectly, you must face the punishment instead. It's a simple yet amusing game that keeps everyone engaged and entertained!

36. BucketRace

Ready to take your stag do to the next level of fun and excitement? Look no further than BucketRaces Stag Do Scavenger Hunt Games, Quizzes and Game Shows! With their wide range of thrilling and interactive activities, you and your mates are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. Whether you're exploring the city on a scavenger hunt, enjoying a treasure hunt pub crawl, challenging your knowledge with smartphone quizzes, or engaging in an interactive pub quiz, BucketRaces has got you covered. Get ready for a stag do like no other, filled with laughter, camaraderie, and unforgettable memories. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your stag celebration to new heights with BucketRaces. Get in touch with them today and let the adventure begin!

You can learn more about BucketRace's Stag Do Games and Services here: Stag Do Games and Services

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