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What is a Stag Do? A comprehensive guide

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What is a stag do?
What is a stag do?

1. History and Evolution of Stag Dos

The tradition of the stag do has a long history, with its roots often traced back to ancient Sparta, where soldiers would hold a feast for a groom the night before his wedding. In older societies, many of couples responsibilities, such as adopting new religious beliefs, copulating and taken on new roles, wouldn't change until the marriage had taken place. Therefore, it truly represented a change in circumstance, and an end of an ear.

In the modern day, things are rarely as cut and dry and therefore stag parties have become more of a symbolic gesture, and over time, this practice evolved into various forms of pre-wedding celebrations in different cultures, and now it is an opportunity for the groom's closest friends, family members, and sometimes coworkers to come together and celebrate his last days as a single man.

Stag dos can range from a night out on the town to a weekend getaway, depending on the preferences and budget of the groom and his party. While the concept remains the same, modern stag dos have evolved into unique and often extravagant events, thanks to global travel, consumerism, and improvements in technology.

2. Key Traditions and Etiquette

  • Organiser: Typically, the best man or a close friend takes on the role of planning the stag do, often with the assistance of event planning services like BucketRace.

  • Guest List: It's crucial to carefully curate the guest list, including the groom's closest friends and family members who will appreciate the chosen activities and entertainment.

  • Surprises: Stag dos often include surprises for the groom. For example, personalised nods to long lived friendships such as nostaglic fancy dress, personalised games such as quizzes, and scavenger hunts that incorporate fun challenges and surprises along the way.

  • Themes and Dress Code: Some stag dos have specific themes or dress codes, such as wearing matching outfits or costumes related to the groom's interests.

  • Activities: Stag dos can include a wide range of activities, from bar hopping and clubbing to outdoor adventures like paintball or go-karting.

3. Planning a Stag Do

Planning a successful stag do requires careful consideration and organisation. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Consult the Groom: Get the groom's input on what kind of celebration he would prefer, destinations he would like to travel to, and any activities he would like to include. You don't have to follow this to the letter, but ultimately, a stag do should leave all parties feeling good, and closer as a group.

  • Set a Budget: Determine the budget for the stag do and make sure all attendees are comfortable with the expenses. If the grooms main aim is to have as many close friends at the stag as possible, a local destination might be a better choice than say Las Vegas. However, if you're a tight knit group with similar income a more exotic destination could be just the ticket.

  • Choose a Date and Location: Select a date that works for the groom and most of the guests. Decide whether the celebration will be a one-night event or a weekend getaway and choose a suitable location. Consider times of year that don't overlap with other busy travel times, such as the summer holidays to make the most of cheaper deals, and more appropriate demographics.

  • Plan Activities: Create an itinerary that includes activities, meals, and entertainment. Make reservations as necessary, and take a moment to consider a good balance. Too many activities will leave everyone feeling burnt-out and irritated, but too little and people may feel board and the stag do may loose momentum.

  • Send Invitations: Send out invitations or notifications to the guests well in advance, including all the details they'll need. A good method now is to create a Whats App group. If you do that, include the dates and times in the description, so it's easy for people to refer back to when needed.

4. Popular Stag Do Ideas

Stag dos can vary widely in terms of activities and themes. Here are some popular stag do ideas to consider:

  • Urban Scavenger Hunts: Engage in exciting urban scavenger hunts that lead you through the heart of a city, solving clues and completing challenges along the way.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Activities like paintball, hiking, or white-water rafting can add an adventurous twist.

  • Golf Weekend: If the groom is a golf enthusiast, a golf weekend can be a relaxing and enjoyable choice.

  • City Break: Travel to a new city or country for sightseeing, dining, and nightlife.

  • Casino Night: Enjoy a night of gambling and entertainment at a casino.

  • Themed Costume Party: Choose a fun theme and have everyone dress up accordingly.

  • Local activities: If you're heading to Scotland, consider highland games, if you're in Barcelona try and get tickets to a football game, or if you're in Ireland consider a Guinness Factory tour. Making the most of local activities will make the travel worth while, and leave you with unforgettable memories and experiences.

5. Stag Do Dos and Don'ts

You've probably heard 'legendary' stories about one of your dads mates being duck taped naked to a lamppost; however, in the 21st century, that kind of thing simply doesn't go down well anymore. An evolution in technology such as smartphones and social media mean that we're all under surveillance 24/7, which has created a complete shift in social norms. Therefore, here are the dos and don'ts of a stag do.

Stag Do Dos:

1. Respect the Groom's Preferences and Comfort Level:

  • The groom is the centrepiece of the celebration, so it's vital to consider his preferences when planning activities and surprises.

  • Consult with the groom to ensure that the stag do aligns with his comfort level and interests.

  • If the groom has specific requests or boundaries, respect them to ensure he has a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

2. Plan Ahead and Communicate Details:

  • Effective communication is key to a successful stag do. Keep the groom and guests informed about the schedule, activities, and any special requirements.

  • Share essential information, such as meeting points, dress codes, and contact details for the event organizers or guides.

3. Ensure Everyone's Safety:

  • Safety should be a top priority, especially if the stag do involves physical activities, alcohol, or travel.

  • Provide guidelines for responsible drinking and ensure that transportation options are arranged to get everyone home safely.

4. Capture the Moments:

  • Document the celebration with photos and videos to create lasting memories.

  • Designate someone (a photographer or a member of the group) to capture candid moments, funny antics, and heartfelt interactions throughout the stag do.

Stag Do Don'ts:

1. Don't Cross Boundaries:

  • While surprises and light-hearted pranks are part of the tradition, avoid crossing boundaries that might make the groom genuinely uncomfortable or upset.

  • Ensure that any pranks or jokes are in good humor and not hurtful or embarrassing.

2. Avoid Overly Embarrassing or Risky Activities:

  • While pushing boundaries can be fun, avoid planning activities that are excessively embarrassing or dangerous. The goal is to create an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Consider the groom's personality and comfort level when selecting activities or challenges.

3. Don't Forget to Check for Restrictions:

  • Before finalising any stag do plans, check for any restrictions or requirements related to activities, venues, or destinations.

  • Ensure that everyone is aware of and complies with any rules or regulations associated with the chosen activities.

4. Respect Local Culture and Laws:

  • If the stag do involves traveling to a different city or country, respect the local culture and laws.

  • Encourage the group to be considerate of the local community and avoid behavior that could lead to misunderstandings or legal issues.

6. Conclusion

A stag do is a time-honored tradition that celebrates the groom's upcoming marriage. It provides an opportunity for the groom and his closest friends and family to bond and create lasting memories. Whether it's a wild night on the town or a peaceful weekend getaway, a well-planned stag do can be a highlight of the pre-wedding festivities, setting the stage for the groom's journey into married life.

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