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Free News Quiz of the Week: 28/08/23

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

Welcome to the world of our "Weekly News Challenge," where the quest for staying informed becomes an exhilarating journey! In a world brimming with information, the pursuit of staying up-to-date stands as a crucial endeavor, even in the face of the occasional overwhelming news cycle. But worry not, because we have just the solution – an interactive and captivating platform designed to test your grasp of current affairs while ensuring you're tuned in to the latest developments.

Each and every week, our challenge spans a wide spectrum of subjects, ranging from global political shifts and groundbreaking technological advancements to riveting entertainment events, electrifying sports competitions, and so much more. Whether you're a dedicated news aficionado, a casual observer, or simply seeking an enjoyable yet enlightening quiz experience, our challenge caters to every level of curiosity and expertise.

Join us regularly as we curate thought-provoking questions, meticulously designed to capture your interest, offer entertainment, and impart knowledge. Sharpen your cognitive skills and immerse yourself in our community of news challenge enthusiasts by sharing your responses below. You're welcome to use these questions for your own weekly gatherings or even as a delightful family quiz – the more participants, the merrier the engagement and enjoyment!

News Quiz of the Week Quiz Questions 2023

1. Austria is offering free public transportation for one year to people willing to what tattooed on their body?

— KlimaTicket — (name of its local travel pass)

2. Why do prisoners want to extend their time in custody in Canada?

They can’t afford anywhere else to live

3. How did a women sneak in a gun (that she accidentally shot herself with) to a White Sox game this week?

Hiding it in her fat folds

4. Why have multiple schools been closed across the UK this week?

Unsafe concrete

5. What act is Luis Rubiales’s mum performing in protest to her son coming under scrutiny?

A hunger strike in a church

6. What happened to a TV news crew this week while they were reporting on a string of robberies in Chicago?

They were robbed

7. Mo Farah ran his final competitive London race this week. What position did he finish in?


8. A global search for which bassists guitar got underway this week?

Sir Paul McCartney

9. Which supermarket chain has started fitting their stand with security cameras after a rise in assaults?


10. Mohamed Al Fayed passed away this week. How old was he?


11. The CDC has warned people to stop doing what? Amid a collection of outbreaks of Salmonella.

Kiss their pet turtles

12. Paris has banned the use of what?


13. At which festival have thousands of people become trapped at this week?

Burning Man

14. Police have taken action on an ice cream van after it charged how much for a 99p flake ice cream?


15. Max Verstappen has set an all-time record for consecutive wins with victory in the Italian Grand Prix. How many consecutive wins does he currently have?


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Quiz Of The Week
Quiz Of The Week

2023 Quiz Questions

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Finally, see if you can work out which one of these recipes IS NOT fake. You're looking for the real recipe for Hungarian dish Goulash!

Fake European Recipe Quiz
Fake European Recipe Quiz

Fake News Answers

Olive oil, stewing steak, plain flour, parsley leaves, garlic clovers, sour cream, paprika, tomatoes, beef stock, onions, peppers.

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