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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 18/03/24

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2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

Ah, my esteemed comrades, do assemble 'round! March, with its perennial grace, has once again graced our midst, ushering in the sweet anticipation of Easter, tiptoeing to our threshold akin to a sprightly hare amidst a confectionary escapade! But lo, worry not, for we have concocted a marvel to delight your senses. Envision, if you will, an evening ensconced in enigmatic riddles, interwoven with the jubilant essence of Easter, sprinkled with mirth for good measure!

We extend unto you a most gracious invitation to partake in a quiz session that pledges more merriment than witnessing a bunny endeavoring to frolic upon a trampoline. Verily, it shall be an affair brimming with merriment! Picture queries so charming, they shall whisk you away as if you've stumbled upon the elusive golden trove amidst an Easter egg hunt.

And whether you take solace in the age-old customs of Easter or revel merely in the splendors of springtime, there shall be something to delight each and every soul. Deem it a saunter through meadows of blossoms, save for the fact that instead of flowers, it shall be inquiries that coax forth the brilliance of your intellect!

Pray, what halts your dalliance? Rally your comrades, summon your kin, and why not extend the invitation to that neighbour whose acquaintance you've yearned to nurture? Let us fashion cherished memories together, for Easter bids us spread jubilation, and what finer conduit than through the conviviality of a quiz session? Let us leap forth and inscribe this March into the annals of recollection! 🐣🌷🥚

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Where was a new Banksy spotted?

2. Which tech company has been accused of creating a monopoly?

3. What did the bank of England drop the interest rate to?

4. Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s were awarded with which prize for their contribution to music?

5. Which social media giant had major problems with its services for the 2nd time in two weeks?

6. Which high street brand was unable to take digital payments due to an ‘IT issue’?

7. What name has the RSPCA given the guinea pig abandoned at London tube station?

8. Which toy manufacture has asked California police department to stop using their heads to mask identities of suspects?

9. Which Easter confectionary has been found to be the priciest on supermarket shelves?

10. A leak has suggested which actor will be the next James Bond?

11. Elon Musk abruptly cancels whose X talk show hours after interview?

12. What was floated down the Hudson River in New York last week after months of refurbishment?

13. An Australian farm has grown the world's biggest what?

14. What has Meghan Markle named her new lifestyle brand?

15. The Cambodian prime minister, Hun Manet, has ordered a ban on what vehicle feature?

16. The Royal Mint – who are in charge of making all British coins – have released a set of coins themed around a film franchise. But what franchise is it?

17. A food company in London has managed to grow meat in a lab for what type of animal to eat?

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2024 News Quiz Answers

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5. Meta

8. Lego

17. Cats

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