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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 18/02/24

Updated: Mar 3

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2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

Greetings, aficionados of the season of renewal! As March unfolds its petals, ushering in the spirited ambiance of Easter, we are thrilled to enliven your quiz nights with a touch of festivity! Come one, come all, as we invite you to partake in our lively quiz session, brimming with cheer and merriment!

In this period of blossoming and rejuvenation, we embark on a journey infused with warmth and joy. Whether you embrace Easter traditions fervently, dabble in the joys of springtime, or simply marvel at the burgeoning landscape of the season, our quiz welcomes all with open arms.

I extend a warm invitation to join our vibrant community, where we craft questions designed to evoke the melodies of birdsong and ignite the thrill of Easter egg hunts within you. So, tune in your senses and get ready to immerse yourself in the delights of springtime. Share these questions with your dear ones or employ them to spark lively discussions at festive gatherings. After all, joy finds its true essence in shared moments! Let us spread the Easter cheer and create lasting memories this March! 🐣🌷🥚

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What is the name of Google’s new AI tool, which went viral for creating images ethnically diverse Nazi’s?

2. Which Film is number 1 in the UK on Netflix this week?

3. A telescope in Chile detected the most luminous object seen in the Universe, a quasar brighter than 500 trillion Suns. How many years did it take the light from J0529-4351 to reach Earth?

4. The oldest living land animal was presented with a Guinness World Records certificate. Believed to be 192, Jonathan the giant tortoise lives on the island of St Helena. With which famous author does he share his year of birth?

5. Which games servers are being raised to support 800k players due to long queues for people to enter the game online?

6. The Home Office sacked which independent inspector of boarders and immigration?

7. Astronomers have discovered the universe’s brightest object. (a quasar powered by a black hole) that eats around one what every day?

8. Mick Lynch says the RMT will support which independent candidate for the 2024 general election if he runs?

9. Which bridge was closed due to this weekends Pro-Palestine protests in London?

10. At 77th Bafta Film Awards leading Actress winner Emma Stone thanked her dialogue coach for not laughing when she said which word?

11. Name any of the 6 possible commissions for the fourth blank plinth situated in Trafalgar Square?

12. Reddit is allowing how many of its super users have early access to buying its shares before it’s IPO?

13. Which airline has been rated as having the worst customer satisfaction for long-haul flights?

14. Graham Norton announced live on air that he is stepping down from hosting his weekend shows on Virgin Radio. What was the reason he gave?

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2023 News Quiz Answers

1. Gemeni

2. Players

3. Twelve billion

4. Lewis Carroll

5. Helldivers

6. David Neal

7. Sun / Star

8. Jeremy Corbin

9. Tower Bridge

10. Water

11. The Smile You Send Returns to You | Believe in Discontent | Ancient Feelings | Sweet Potatoes and Yams are Not the Same | Hornero | Untitled | Lady in Blue

12. 75,000

13. Lufthansa with a ratting of 56%

14. He wants his weekend back

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