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Free News Quiz of the Week 2023: 16/10/23

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

As Halloween casts its enchanting spell over the land, we invite you to embark on an exhilarating journey through our "Weekly News Challenge" set for 16/01/2023. In the midst of Halloween's transformative embrace, staying attuned to the latest developments has transformed into a captivating expedition. Amidst the ever-shifting tapestry of information, find solace in the assurance that we present the perfect solution – an immersive and enchanting platform meticulously fashioned to assess your awareness of current affairs, ensuring you remain harmonized with the ever-evolving world.

With each passing week, our challenge immerses you in a vast spectrum of subjects. From the intricate dance of global politics to the frontiers of cutting-edge technology, from the enthralling narratives within the realm of entertainment to the pulse-quickening moments in the world of sports, our scope spans a diverse range of topics. Whether you are an ardent news connoisseur, an occasional observer, or simply an individual seeking an enjoyable and enlightening quiz experience, our challenge extends a warm welcome to participants from all walks of life and levels of inquisitiveness.

Consistently join us as we curate thought-provoking inquiries, artfully designed to kindle your curiosity, offer amusement, and enrich your reservoir of knowledge. Refine your cognitive prowess and become a cherished member of our vibrant community of news challenge enthusiasts by sharing your insights below. Do not hesitate to incorporate these questions into your own weekly gatherings, or employ them to fashion engaging family quizzes – for the more participants, the greater the engagement and enjoyment, particularly as the Halloween magic weaves its spell around us.

2023 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What is the name of the storm wreaking in Scotland this week?

2. How many career goals does Bobby Charlton have?

3. A man was arrested for faking what 20 times to avoid paying the bill at a restaurant?

4. Which streaming service has annouced they are going to open bricks and mortar stores?

5. Swifties swarmed a restaurant to catch a glimpse of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, but it turned out to be what instead?

6. Saudi Arabia wants to host which 2035 sports tournament?

7. What bizarre fluid has been sold on Amazon, marketed as an energy drink?

8. Cardiff students’ union has banned what clothing, after claims that it leads to violence?

9. Which town in the New York State (USA) has run out of water?

10. A Polish man posed as a what to steal jewellery after the shop closed?

11. Which Prison did three men escape from in the same day?

12. How many points did South Africa beat England by in the Rugby World Cup semi final?

13. In which other World Cup did South Africa beat England on the same day?

14. Which International Rugby Union player has claimed he received racial abuse during the semi finals?

15. Javier Milei is leading after the first round of voting in the Argentine elections. Which tool has he been know to wield on TikTok?

2023 Quiz Answers

1. Storm Babet

2. 249

3. Heart Attack

4. Netflix

5. Scarecrows dressed like them

6. Women's World Cup

7. Amazon drivers’ urine

8. Chinos and blue shirts

9. Watertown

10. A mannequin

11. Hollesley Bay prison (Suffolk)

12. 1

13. Cricket

14. Tom Curry

15. A Chainsaw

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Quiz Of The Week

2023 Quiz Questions

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