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Free News Quiz of the Week 2023: 01/10/23

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

Embark on a thrilling voyage into the world of our "Weekly News Challenge" set for 01/01/2023! In today's ever-evolving landscape, staying abreast of the latest developments has evolved into an exhilarating expedition. Amidst the continuous surge of information, take comfort in knowing that we offer the perfect solution – an immersive and captivating platform meticulously crafted to evaluate your awareness of current affairs and ensure you remain synchronized with the ever-shifting world.

Each week, our challenge delves into a broad spectrum of subjects. From the intricacies of global politics to the frontiers of cutting-edge technology, from the enthralling narratives in the realm of entertainment to the adrenaline-pumping moments in the world of sports, we span a diverse range of topics. Whether you're a fervent news aficionado, an occasional observer, or simply an individual seeking an enjoyable and enlightening quiz experience, our challenge extends a warm invitation to participants of all backgrounds and levels of curiosity.

Join us consistently as we curate thought-provoking questions designed to ignite your interest, provide entertainment, and enrich your knowledge. Refine your cognitive abilities and become a cherished member of our dynamic community of news challenge enthusiasts by sharing your insights below. Don't hesitate to incorporate these questions into your own weekly gatherings or utilize them to craft engaging family quizzes – the more participants, the greater the engagement and enjoyment!

2023 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1.Which presenter is on indefinite after a police foiled a plot to assistant her?

2. A series of short films from Wes Anderson pay tribute to which author?

3. Joe Biden was unable to stop the building of what?

4. Members stormed the stage of the Labour party conference minutes before whose speech?

5. What is this week know as in Alaska?

6. A Missouri high school teacher is put on leave after school officials discover her what?

7. Which university is now offering courses on the history of witchcraft?

8. Which amusement park has had its ride named best in the world?

9. Which thought to be functionally extinct animal has been found roaming in the UK wilderness?

10. Which fast food chain has overtaken Subway to become UK’s biggest?

11. Which bank sought to raise millions this week to bolster finances?

12. How many years have Posh and Becks been married?

13. HS2 will now only run between which cities?

14. What material intended to make jewellery was seized at a US airport?

15. Which AI version of a celebrity has been caught selling dental insurance without permission?

2023 Quiz Answers

1. Holly Willoughby

2. Roald Dahl

3. The wall between the USA and Mexico

4. Angela Rayner

5. Fat Bear Week

6. OnlyFans

7. Exeter University

8. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

9. Scottish wildcats 

10. Greggs

11. Metro Bank

12. 24

13. London and Birmingham

14. Giraffe poo 

15. Tom Hanks

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Quiz Of The Week
Quiz Of The Week

2023 Quiz Questions

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