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Free News Quiz of the Week: 11/09/23

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

Step into the realm of our "Weekly News Quest" on 11/09/2023! In our rapidly evolving world, staying informed has become an exhilarating journey. Amid the ever-flowing stream of information, fret not! We offer you the perfect remedy – an interactive and captivating platform meticulously crafted to challenge your awareness of current affairs and keep you in sync with the latest developments.

Each week, our quest delves into an array of diverse topics. From the tides of global politics to the frontiers of cutting-edge technology, from the thrilling tales of entertainment to the heart-pounding moments in the world of sports, we've got a wide spectrum of subjects covered. Whether you're an ardent follower of the news, a casual observerv, or someone seeking an enjoyable and enlightening quiz experience, our quest welcomes participants of all backgrounds and levels of curiosity.

Join us regularly as we curate thought-provoking queries designed to stimulate your interest, provide entertainment, and enhance your knowledge. Sharpen your cognitive abilities and become a valued member of our dynamic community of news quest enthusiasts by sharing your insights below. Feel free to incorporate these questions into your own weekly gatherings or even as an engaging family quiz – the more participants, the merrier the engagement and enjoyment!

News Quiz of the Week Quiz Questions

1. A Portuguese town was flooded by a river of what this week?

'Good quality’ red wine

2. Which two players have both scored in the last four games for Al-Nassr?

Ronaldo & Mane

3. Nearly all residential roads in Wales will become what speed limit?


4. What is poisoning the UK and Ireland’s largest lake?

Toxic Algae

5. Which dog breed is set to be banned in the UK

American XL bully

6. A couple from New Zealand is demanding a refund after they sat next to _________ on their 13-hour-long Singapore Airlines flight?

A smelly farting dog

7. What is set to overtake oil to become Colombia’s main export?


8. Police are investigating a pop-up bar for homeless linked to which city in Colorado?


9. BMW have secured millions in UK government funding to produce what?

An electric Mini

10. Which males news presenter will be on Strictly Come Dancing this year?

Krishnan Guru-Murthy

11. Mummified alien corpses have been presented to which countries parliament?


12.The final season of which London based drama aired this week?

Top Boy

13.Which tea brand have launched a new blend that brews in just 30 seconds, after a survey shows half of Brits admit to dunking tea bag for less than a minute?

P.G. Tips

14. Who was indicted on federal gun charges this week?

Hunter Biden

15. Which company has been forced to ditch their own charging cable by the EU?

Apple (iPhone 15)

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Quiz Of The Week
Quiz Of The Week

2023 Quiz Questions

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