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Free News Quiz of the Week: 07/08/23

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

Step into the realm of our "Weekly News Challenge!" In a dimension brimming with a wealth of knowledge, it's crucial to remain in the loop, even though it can often be quite overwhelming. Have no worries, for we possess just the remedy – a fun and interactive method to assess your awareness of current occurrences and ensure you are up-to-date with the most recent happenings.

Every week, our challenge will encompass a diverse array of subjects, ranging from worldwide politics and revolutionary technological breakthroughs to captivating entertainment, exhilarating sports, and everything in between. Whether you're a dedicated follower of news, a casual reader, or simply on the lookout for an enjoyable test, our challenge is fashioned to accommodate all levels of curiosity and proficiency.

Make sure to keep an ear out each week as we carefully select a series of thought-stimulating queries, created to keep you engaged, amused, and well-versed. Hone your intellect and join our community of news challenge enthusiasts by sharing your responses in the comments section below. Additionally, feel free to employ these queries to host your own weekly gathering or family challenge – the more participants, the merrier the experience!

News Quiz of the Week Quiz Questions 2023

1: Which Hawaiian Island was hit by wildfires this week?

Answer: Maui

2: Which extremely large reptile was found on the loose in Guernsey, and then contained in a dog house?

Answer: Lizard

3: Which country is experiencing theft of gasoline through underground tunnels?

Answer: Mexico

4: Which prominent actor attended an exhibition centred around their persona, only to arrive on a day when the exhibition was closed, thus missing the opportunity to view it?

Answer: Pedro Pascal

5: Which video conferencing platform has ironically ordered workers back to the office?

Answer: Zoom

6: Which company has voiced that they will cover peoples legal bill if they are treated unfairly for using their platform?

Answer: X (Formerly Twitter)

7: Which actress announced her wedding to film producer Jonny Owen live on Welsh radio this week?

Answer: Vicky McClure

8: A bike theft in San Diego was interrupted by a Golden Retriever doing what?

Answer: Asking for belly rubs

9: What have 57 triathletes who competed in Sunderland blamed for making them in ill?

Answer: Pollution

10: Which player scored the first goal in the England vs Columbia Women's Football World Cup quarter final match?

Answer: Leicy Santos

11: Which high profile actor praised an Indian man for discovering new fish in a bucket

Answer: Leonardo Dicaprio

12: After failing a voluntary drug test, who replaced Dillian Whyte in a fight against Antony Joshua?

Answer: Robert Helenius

13: In which state did a mass brawl brake out over a riverboat fiasco?

Answer: Alabama

14: What was the final confirmed transfer fee for the sales of Harry Kane to Bayern Munich?

Answer: £100m

15: The Brazilian Wandering Spider shut down a supermarket in a town 45 miles west of Vienna this week. What unusual side effect does its bite have on men?

Answer: Painful, Hours-Long Erections

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