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Case Studies

University College London

Location - Multilocation

"‘I thought the event was very well planned, organised and also showed attention to detail when it came to curating it to suit the interest of our students here. All in all the students loved it; especially those who had come from abroad and were unfamiliar with certain parts of London. Would 100% recommend."  

UCL came to us looking for an explorative, personalised activity that they could run on a repetitive basis for their new students. They were interested in developing a game that allowed participants to explore their Universities grounds and local surroundings, which needed to include local London landmarks, hang outs and hidden treasures. They were also interested in driving additional profit through ticket sales to an event that could confidently put their name to.
What we did
Initially we arranged a meeting between our creative team and UCL's student union, to understand specifically what they wanted to achieve, include in their BucketRace and deliver to their clientele. It was important that the Race started from their student union bar, and that all the routes fed into that location. It was also asked that we build specific UCL tasks into the Miscellaneous task's section, allowing new students to learn more about their new University and explore it's grounds. 
We went away and developed a first draft of their BucketRace, from this point communication was primarily via email, allowing us to share digital copies of their BucketRace handouts, and make any changes necessary. Once UCL were happy with their BucketRace went send their bespoke franchise lists for printing. Examples of their Tri-fold BucketRace handouts can be seen below. 
On the day
With our franchise BucketRace's, organisations have the option to run the events themselves or use BucketRace staff to run their events at a cost. Either way, all ticket profits go to the organisation and ticket pricing is completely their decision. UCL opted to have BucketRace run the events for them from their Student Union Bar. We met with our point of contact at UCL 45 minutes before the Race started, to set up our space and layout the handouts shown above. We then greeted the entrants and organised individual sign ups into teams. We gave teams 15 minutes to strategies their routes and decide how to get the most points, we then did brief Q&A and teams were off on their way, scavenging around London to try and win UCL's BucketRace. Once teams arrived back they were greeted by our staff, asked questions about their Race and then the scores were read out from lowest to highest. Finally, winners were instructed to email UCL S.U. to collect their prize. 
Bespoke Central London Location, Video Compilation. 
If you're looking to run a profitable explorative activity for your clientele, then BucketRace can provide the perfect event for you! We have been particularly popular with Universities, Hostel's and Tourist centres. Contact us with your requirements to find out how we can help!
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