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Weekly Sports Quiz Questions: 22/04/2024

Updated: May 6

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Greetings, esteemed enthusiasts of athletic pursuits! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the captivating realm of competition and ardor? Hold on tightly to your seats, for I am pleased to present to you a spectacle of unparalleled magnificence: behold, the "Weekly Sports Quiz" extravaganza, gracing your screens this April of 2024!

Prepare yourselves, dear comrades, as we deviate from the well-trodden path of ordinary sporting events. Instead, we set forth on an enchanting voyage through the lively crossroads where the realms of sport and current affairs intertwine in a pulsating waltz!

Whether you stand as a virtuoso of trivial knowledge, delighting in the nuances of Formula 1, a wistful soul yearning for the halcyon days of soccer, or simply an individual who finds solace in the adrenaline-fueled panorama of competition, our challenge is meticulously crafted to kindle the flames within your spirit and entice you back for more!


Therefore, fortify your resolve, ignite the sparks of your sporting fervor, and prepare for an escapade unlike any other! The clarion call resounds, and the 2024 Weekly Sports Quiz awaits to enrapture you in its embrace! Ready yourselves for a whirlwind of ardor, dedication, and sporting valor, unparalleled in its splendor! 🏀🏈⚾🎾🏓🥍

Sport Quiz Questions
Sport Quiz Questions

Sports Quiz Questions 2024

1. How old is the now two time European para-championships gold medalists Iona Winnifrith ?

2. Which Gladiator took on the WWE this week?

3. How did George Scholey stand out from the crowd during the London marathon?

4. A nine-year-old British boy won a European screeching competition in Belgium with his uncanny impression of a what?

5. Which club has been criticised by the FA for alleging that the VAR referee was bias, because they support an opposing club fighting to avoid relegation?

6. Which Premiere league club is the first to be relegated?

7. Leicester city will be promoted back to the Premiere league. How many goals does their top goal scorer Jamie Vardy currently have at the age of 37?

8. With the first pick in the N.F.L. Draft, the Chicago Bears selected who?

9. Which team have achieved their highest top flight football points ever?

10. Which team will be promoted to the Women’s Super League?

11. Falcons were victorious at ESL One Birmingham playing which game?

Sports Quiz Answers 2024

1. 13

2. Apollo

3. He set a world record for solving Rubik’s Cubes during the race

4. A seagull

5. Nottingham Forest

6. Sheffield United

7. 33

8. Caleb Williams

9. Bournemouth

10. Crystal Palace

11. Dota 2

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Monthly Sports Quiz Template
Monthly Sports Quiz Template

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