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Weekly Sports Quiz Questions: 18/02/2024

Updated: Mar 10

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Hey there, sports fanatics! Are you ready to dive headfirst into the ultimate thrill ride of passion and competition? Brace yourselves for the electrifying spectacle that is the "Weekly Sports Quiz" extravaganza, hitting your screens this February 2024!

We're not just talking your run-of-the-mill matchups here, folks. No siree! We're gearing up for a heart-pounding journey through the exhilarating world where sports and news collide!

Whether you're a trivia titan with a penchant for F1 stories, a hopeless romantic yearning for the glory days of football, or simply someone who lives for the adrenaline rush of the game, our challenge is tailor-made to ignite your passion and leave you begging for an encore!

So, strap yourselves in, ignite the flames of your sports fervour, and prepare for an adventure like no other! The bell has rung, and the 2024 Weekly Love Match is about to sweep you off your feet! Get ready to be swept away in a whirlwind of love, passion, and sportsmanship! 💘🏀🏈⚾🎾🏓🥍

Sport Quiz Questions
Sport Quiz Questions

Sports Quiz Questions 2024

1. E1. what minute did Virgil Van Dijk score a header to win Liverpool the Carabao Cup?

2. India won their 4th test match against England by how many wickets?

3. Which PGA pro golfer was practising her swing on a driving range when a stranger next to her began offering her some unsolicited advice to improve her game?

4. Wolverhampton Wanderers may be forced to sell which player this summer as the club continues to feel the acute pressure of its financial struggles?

5. How many goals did Erling Haaland score against Luton in their F.A. cup fixture?

6. Max Strus scored a buzzer-beater to win the game for the Cleveland Cavaliers from how many feet?

7. Which tournament has Andrew Murray has dropped as a hint as being the last tournament he will play in before ehe retires?

8. Why Major League Baseball players have raised concerns about Nike’s new trousers?

9. Some drivers have raised concerns over which Red Bull principle being kept on after they were cleared of all allegations around inappropriate behaviour?

10. Who has been appointed interim head coach of the Republic of Ireland?

11. Which two boxers have starred in an epic arcade-style promotional video for their up-and-coming fight?

Sports Quiz Answers 2024

1. 118th minute

2. 5

3. Georgia Ball

4. Pedro Neto

5. 5

6. 59ft

7. The Olympics

8. They’re see-through

9. Christian Horner

10. John O'Shea

11. Antony Joshua and Francis Ngannou

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Monthly Sports Quiz Template
Monthly Sports Quiz Template

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