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Weekly Euro 2024 Quiz Questions: Round 2

Updated: Jun 28

Prepare for round 2 of our Euro 2024 quiz, the ultimate challenge for fans immersed in the UEFA European Football Championship. As Europe's top national teams battle for supremacy, this quiz delves deeper into the tournament's trivia, spotlighting key players, unforgettable moments, and the buzz leading up to the Euro 2024 final.

Whether you're a seasoned Euros follower or a new fan excited about this edition, round 2 will truly test your expertise. Dive into the rich history of past tournaments and prove your knowledge on the road to Euro 2024!

Euro 2024 quiz Round 2
Euro 2024 quiz Round 2

Euro 2024 Quiz Questions

1. Who is the lowest ranking team, topping their group?

2. Which were the only three teams to have won both their matches?

3. Which team has 0 points?

4. Who was the first team to qualify for the final 16?

5. How many changes did England make to their starting line up?

6. Which team have scored the most goals?

7. Which team has conceded the most goals?

8. In Euro 1980, 5 out of 27 goals were scored from outside the box (18.5%), giving it the highest percentage, until Euro 2024. To date, what percentage of goals have been from outside the box?

9. Whose own goal is being touted as the worst in the Euro’s history?

10. Which player has been suspended for two games, after leading his team in offensive chants against Serbia and North Macedonia?

Euro Quiz 2024 Answers

1. Romania

2. Spain, Portugal and Germany

3. Poland

4. Spain

5. 0

6. Germany (8)

7. Scotland (7)

8. 11 out of 34 (32.4%)

9. Samet Akaydin (Turkey)

10. Mirlind Daku (Albania)

Thank you for taking part in our Euro 2024 quiz! We hope you had fun testing your knowledge and learning more about the UEFA European Football Championship. Whether you nailed every question or picked up new insights, your passion for football is clear. Stay tuned as the tournament unfolds, and keep sharpening your trivia skills. Share this quiz with fellow football fans and pub quiz enthusiasts to see who among you is the ultimate Euro 2024 expert. Here's to an exciting and unforgettable championship ahead!

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