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We're Making A Killing Horror Picture Quiz (Most On Screen Kills)

Step into the chilling world of Halloween and horror villains as we embark on a journey through their on-screen carnage. From the bone-chilling slashers to the haunting entities, these malevolent characters have left their mark with a trail of victims. Can you rearrange them based on the number of kills they've tallied across both movies and TV franchises? Get ready to dive into the "Terror Tally Challenge!"

Top 10 Horror On Screen Kills

Your mission is to organise these horror movie villains in ascending order of their on-screen kill counts. Each correct placement grants you two points, and if you're one position off, you still earn a point. It's time to prove your mastery of horror lore and make these sinister statistics work for you.

Whether you're embracing the challenge with friends, indulging in some quality family time, or facing it head-on solo, the "Chilling Kill Count Quiz" promises an experience that melds entertainment with expertise. Grab your quiz sheets, engage your mental prowess, and relish the gratification of unraveling the perfect sequence of terror in this captivating and rewarding quiz!

Halloween Horror Powerpoint Quiz

Download, Print, or Display Digitally: Our quiz is conveniently available for download, print, and digital display on our Etsy Store:, making it a perfect addition to your quiz event. Gather your friends, family, or quiz team, and get ready for some spook tastic fun!

We're Making A Killing Quiz Questions

Horror Printable Picture Quiz
Horror Printable Picture Quiz

Most On Screen Kills

Pinhead (321)

2nd Most On Screen Kills

3rd Most On Screen Kills

4th Most On Screen Kills

5th Most On Screen Kills

6th Most On Screen Kills

7th Most On Screen Kills

8th Most On Screen Kills

9th Most On Screen Kills

Least On Screen Kills

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