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Under My Umbrella Logo Quiz With Answers

Welcome to the "Under My Umbrella Logo Quiz," where the world of logos comes to life! Are you ready to put your branding savvy to the test? This quiz is designed to engage and challenge your recognition skills as you navigate through a collection of iconic logos. From the chocolate conglomerates to the swoosh that fuels athletes' dreams, these logos are more than just images – they're symbols that shape our modern world.

Get ready to flex your brand knowledge muscles in a practical and exciting way. As you journey through this quiz, you'll decipher the visual stories behind famous logos, learning about the companies, products, and messages they represent. Whether you're a marketing enthusiast, a design aficionado, or simply curious about the logos you encounter daily, this quiz offers a chance to explore the art and strategy behind effective branding. Each slide shows a collection of brands that belong to one Umbrella Company. You earn 1 point for each Umbrella (Parent) Company you identify. So, grab a seat, sharpen your observation skills, and embark on a logo-filled adventure like no other.

Logo Quiz With Answers

Download, Print, or Display Digitally: Our quiz is conveniently available for download, print, and digital display on our Etsy Store:, making it a perfect addition to your quiz event. Gather your friends, family, or quiz team, and get ready for some brain-teasing fun!

Logo Picture Quiz

Umbrella Brand 1


Umbrella Brand 2

Umbrella Brand 3

Umbrella Brand 4

Umbrella Brand 5

Umbrella Brand 6

Umbrella Brand 7

Umbrella Brand 8

Umbrella Brand 9

Umbrella Brand 10

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