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News Quiz of the Week 2024: 17/06/24

2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

Dear friends, as we dive into the second week of June, our hearts brim with excitement and our spirits soar. The golden promise of summer shimmers ahead. Amidst this sunlit scene, let's not forget the digital wonders that shape our times. This season of renewal invites us to revel in knowledge and cherish shared moments.

In this radiant celebration, staying informed is key. I invite you all to join our weekly news quiz. It’s more than a test of knowledge—it's a chance for lively conversation and collective joy.

So, gather your friends, round up the family, and perhaps even connect with that neighbor you've been meaning to visit. Together, let's honor June by strengthening our bonds and expanding our minds.

In the warm glow of delightful company and invigorating discussions, let’s seize this moment to create memories that will last long beyond June’s sunny days. ☀️😎🌈🌼

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which U.S. politician has started an Only Fans account?

2. How many times did Kendrick Lamar play ‘Not Like Us’ Juneteenth ‘The Pop Out’ concert?

3. Why are members of the Conservative party being investigated by the Gambling Commission?

4. According to the Huffington Post, what percentage of young people are planning NOT to vote?

5. Why has Justin Timberlake been arrested?

6. Why has Denmark recalled three products from the Samyang instant ramen line?

7. After the Taylor Swift concert, who still holds the record for the highest record earthquake reading due to a concert?

8. Which actor is recovering after falling off the stage while playing John Falstaff during a Monday evening performance of Player Kings?

9. In which country have Archaeologists discovered the world's oldest surviving sample of liquid red wine?

10. Which South East Asian country has become the first to legalise same sex marriage?

11. What is the name of the new Covid variant that has raised some concerns?

12. Which film broke global box office records in its opening week?

13. "House of the Dragon" returned to our screens for a second season this week. What was the title of episode one?

14. Recent research suggests that new fathers experience what kind of brain changes?

15. Louisiana enacted a law requiring all public schools to display what inside classrooms?

16. Newly released documents revealed that Amazon's Rekognition AI, which can read emotions, has been trialled where?

2024 News Quiz Answers

1. George Santos

2. 6

3. They placed bets on election dates before they were publicly announced

4. 40%

5. DUI (Driving under the influence)

6. They are  dangerously spicy

7. Harry Styles

8. Sir Ian McKellen

9. Spain

10. Thailand

11. FLiRT

12. Inside Out 2

13. "A Son for a Son"

14. A reduction in grey matter

15. The Ten Commandments

16. Railway stations

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