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It's In Their Blood (Link the Celebrity Child with their Parent)

Step into the eerie realm of celebrity lineage as you embark on a journey to connect the dots between famous parents and their equally famous offspring. Welcome to the chilling challenge of 'It's in Their Blood,' a Halloween-themed quiz that's ready to put your knowledge to the test!

It's In Their Blood: Celebrity Lineage Link Quiz

Delve into the world of stardom and family ties as you match the famous parents with their celebrity children. Each correct pairing earns you a hauntingly delightful point, and even if you're just one step away, you'll still earn recognition for your eerie instincts. Get ready to showcase your mastery of celebrity connections and enjoy the thrill of uncovering the perfect family line-up in this captivating and rewarding quiz!

Celebrity Powerpoint Quiz

Download, Print, or Display Digitally: You can easily access our quiz by downloading, printing, or digitally displaying it through our Etsy Store: . This makes it an ideal enhancement for your quiz event. Round up your friends, family, or quiz team, and brace yourselves for a delightfully spooky and thrilling experience!

It's In Their Bood Quiz Questions

Halloween Printable Picture Quiz
Halloween Printable Picture Quiz

Child / Parent 1

Brooklyn Beckham / Victoria Beckham

Child / Parent 2

Child / Parent 3

Child / Parent 4

Child / Parent 5

Child / Parent 6

Child / Parent 7

Child / Parent 8

Child / Parent 9

Child / Parent 10

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