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Household Scavenger Hunt Printable Clues

Welcome to an exciting and interactive scavenger hunt adventure! In the coming months we'll be issuing a series of printable scavenger hunt clues for different environments, occasions and seasons. For examples, outdoors, hen party, Christmas respectively. We start the series with a set of indoor household scavenger hunt clues, perfect for children's parties. Get ready to explore, solve riddles, and unlock the next clue as you embark on an unforgettable journey.

You can copy and paste these clues into a word document; however, if you're looking for the clues in a format ready for print, you should download a printable PDF from our Etsy Store:

You can either print out all of the clues as one sheet, and hide trinkets, tokens and collectable items at each location to award teams points. Or you can cut out the middle section and then each individual clue to make them into a trail!

*Pro Tip: If you have competing teams, and keep all the clues on one sheet, teams can choose which order they solve the clues in. Consider hiding tokens worth a differnt different point values at each location, meaning the first team to solve a specific clue earns more points.

With that out the way. Let's dive into the world of play with this set of household printable scavenger hunt clues!

Household Scavenger Hunt Riddles

1. Look high and low, search near and far, your first clue is.... Where is the item that unlocks the car?

Answer: Keyholder / Key Bowl / Key rack

2. Don't be deceived by its outer shell, this is the place where the reading materials dwell.

Answer: Bookshelf

3. To find your next clue, you must embark, to the place where we keep our clothes in the dark.

Answer: Closet

4. Time to test your memory recall, go to the spot where we hang pictures on the wall.

Answer: Picture Frame

5. Beep beep! Your next clue is hidden where we charge things that go bleep. Answer: Charging Station / Phone Charger

6. When you're feeling dirty and you're in need of a scrub, find this the place where the water does rub.

Answer: The Bath

7. You'll find the next location where garments are hung, where shirts go to dry and knickers are flung.

Answer: Laundry Room / Clothesline

8. To solve this riddle there is no faking, search for the place where cakes should be baking.

Answer: Kitchen Stove / Oven

9. Brrr, it's chilly in here! Look for the place where the shelves are all clear.

Answer: Refrigerator / freezer

10. Your next location awaits in a place so groovy, where lights fill the air while you're watching a movie.

Answer: Television

11. Don't be tardy, don't be late, the item lies under the entrance gate.

Answer: Front doormat

12. In the place where we cook what we eat, search for the place where pots and pans meet.

Answer: Pot and Pans Cupboard

13. Look for this place where you rest your head, in the place of dreams art the top of the bed.

Answer: Pillow

14. Follow the scent, follow your nose, this is the place where the smelly thing grows.

Answer: Flowerpot

15. Listen closely, hear the sound? This place is where music is found.

Answer: Stereo / Speaker

16. Search high and low, look up and down, this place is where your reflection is found.

Answer: A Mirror

17. Look to the heavens, and imagine you've got a hungry feeling, the place sits above the seating where the wall meets the ceiling.

Answer: Above The Dinning Room Table

18. I have hands yet I cannot clap, instead I tell the time with a tick and a tap.

Answer: Clock / Wall Clock

19. I'm a source of warmth, glowing and bright, find me where you gather on a chilly night.

Answer: Fireplace / Living Room Sofa

20. I'm a gateway to the digital domain, screens and keyboards where technology reigns.

Answer: Computer / Laptop / Office

As your scavenger hunt comes to an end, we hope you've had a fantastic time deciphering our printable clues and unraveling the secrets they hold. We believe that this interactive adventure has sparked joy, teamwork, and a sense of accomplishment. Whether you've solved the final clue or embarked on a new journey, we encourage you to continue embracing the spirit of exploration and fun. Remember, our printable scavenger hunt clues are always here to inspire new adventures and create lasting memories, and pre-formatted printable versions can be downloaded from our Etsy Store Here:

Until we meet again, happy hunting!

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