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Free News Quiz of the Week: 21/08/23

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

Enter the realm of our "Weekly News Challenge," where the pursuit of staying informed transforms into an exhilarating journey! In a world teeming with an abundance of information, the quest to remain updated stands as a crucial endeavor, even amid the occasional overwhelming wave of news. Fret not, for we present the perfect antidote – an interactive and engrossing avenue to gauge your comprehension of current affairs while ensuring you're attuned to the latest developments.

Each passing week, our challenge encompasses a wide spectrum of subjects, spanning from global political dynamics and pioneering technological breakthroughs to riveting entertainment spectacles, electrifying sports events, and more. Whether you're an ardent connoisseur of news, a casual observer, or merely seeking an enjoyable yet enlightening quiz experience, our challenge caters to every level of curiosity and expertise.

Join us regularly as we curate thought-provoking inquiries, meticulously fashioned to captivate your interest, offer entertainment, and impart knowledge. Hone your cognitive faculties and immerse yourself in our community of news challenge enthusiasts by sharing your responses in the space below. Feel free to employ these questions for your personal weekly gatherings or even as a delightful family quiz – the more participants, the merrier the engagement and enjoyment!

News Quiz of the Week Quiz Questions 2023

1: Which country has become the latest to relax their borders after the pandemic - but only to its citizens.

Answer: North Korea

2: Name a celebrity that has been billed as the same weight and height as Donald Trump at the time of his mugshot. (6’3”, 215 lbs)

Answer: Muhammad Ali, Chris Hemsworth.

3: Which Zimbabwean president was re-elected this week?

Emmerson Mnangagwa

4: Which Caribbean inspired festival is took place this weekend in London?

Answer: Notting Hill Carnival

5: Which M.P. resigned in a blazed of fire this week?

Answer: Nadine Dorries

6: To the nearest hundred, how many ULEZ cameras have been damaged in the past 4 months?

Answer: 300

7: Sam Bankman-Fried living is said to be living off what food in jail?

Answer: Bread and Water (they won't abide to his vegan diet).

8: In which region of Russia did Yevgeny Prigozhin's plane crash?

Answer: Tver Region

9: Which player did Luis Rubiales kiss?

Answer: Jenni Hermoso

10: India made history as it became the first country to successfully land a spacecraft at which of the Moon's poles this week?

Answer: South Pole

11: What is the name of the cable car in Pakistan that six children were rescued from?

Answer: Dolly

12: Which celebrity chefs worked in Michel Roux Jr’s two Michelin stars restaurant - Le Gavroche?

Answer: Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and Marcus Wareing.

13: Which highly disastrous festival is set to re-launch towards the end of 2024?

Answer: Fyre Festival

14: The U.K. successfully performed their first ever transplant of what this week?

Answer: A Womb

15: Who was named player of the tournament at the Women’s World Cup?

Aitana Bonmati

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Quiz Of The Week
Quiz Of The Week

2023 Quiz Questions

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Finally, see if you can work out which one of these April Fools headlines IS NOT fake (remember it was April Fools, so this is a bit of a double bluff).

Fake News Quiz Spring
Fake News Quiz Spring

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