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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 29/04/24

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2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

My esteemed companions, heed my call as May, with its blossoming blooms and gentle breezes, pirouettes into our midst, much like the annual resurgence of the NSYNC meme, where "It's gonna be May" heralds the season's arrival with playful jest.

In this era of rejuvenation, I extend to you a cordial invitation to partake in a weekly news quiz, where intellectual engagement takes precedence amidst the fragrant air, promising both mirth and enlightenment.

Join me for an evening where minds converge, and laughter becomes the resounding applause, in a spectacle more captivating than the transient memes that adorn our digital realms.

So, what's detaining you? Gather your eager companions, beckon your kin, and extend the invitation to that neighbor whose company you've yearned for. Let's weave together the fabric of knowledge and camaraderie, for in the spirit of May, we find renewal and connection. Let us journey forth, seizing the opportunity to craft moments of shared joy and intellectual pursuit, for in the tapestry of our weekly gatherings, we etch indelible memories that enrich our lives. 🌸☀️📰

Let's revel in the beauty of the season and the richness of our shared experiences, forging bonds that endure beyond the fleeting passage of time.

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which augmented reality game has allowed players to invent fake beaches on real maps to get rewards?

2. Which politician was turned away from a polling station after forgetting to bring photo ID?

3. A chiropractor was been able to adjust the 'largest neck in the world’, which animal did it belong to?

4. American Airlines keeps mistaking a 101 year old woman for what?

5. Which actor has reportedly bought a stake in Leeds United after 'falling in love with football’?

6. A TikTok craze has caused which dairy product to increase its sales by over 40%?

7. Drew Barrymore accidentally left a list of the people she’s been intimate with at which other actor house?

8. What rare lego piece did 13 year old Liutauras, find after searching for two year years for pieces that famously fell into the sea more than 25 years ago, when a cargo ship encountered a storm?

9. Chris Philp has confused Rwanda with which other African nation?

10. France’s national library has removed four 19th-century books from its shelves because their emerald green covers are believed to be laced with what element?

11. A toddler told her mother in North Carolina that “monsters” were in her closet. What was actually living in the walls there?

12. Actress Emma Stone revealed that she would prefer people to use her real given name, Emily. Which Emma inspired the two-time Oscar winner to adopt the name at the beginning of her career?

13. The opening of which new large UK venue has been delayed twice?

14. Which sitcom will return for their last episode ever?

15. iPhone revenues feel by what percentage this quarter?

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2024 News Quiz Answers

1. Pokémon Go

2. Boris Johnson

3. A giraffe

4. A baby (their system says she’s 01)

5. Will Ferrell

6. Cottage Cheese

7. Danny DeVito

8. Octopus

9. Democratic Republic of Congo

10. Arsenic

11. 50,000 bees

12. Spice Girl Emma Bunton

13. Manchester's Co-op Live

14. Gavin and Stacey

15. 10%

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