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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 22/04/24

Updated: May 6

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2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

My fellow citizens of this ever-evolving world, I urge you to emerge from your cozy retreats! April, with its unpredictable showers and whimsical weather, has graced us with its presence, akin to a lively performance by the unpredictable April rain. Yet amidst this atmospheric dance, the charm of spring whispers softly in our ears, painting the world with vivid hues and invigorating scents.

But fear not! We have orchestrated a mesmerizing spectacle to captivate your hearts. Picture an evening filled with enigmatic riddles, infused with the essence of the season and seasoned with hearty laughter!

I extend a warm invitation for you to join us for a quiz experience like no other, promising more joy than witnessing nature's awakening after a long winter's slumber. It's set to be a charming affair, with riddles so captivating, they'll transport you to enchanted realms of curiosity and wonder.

Whether you revel in the rejuvenation of spring or simply delight in the magic of changing seasons, there's something to enchant every soul. Envision it as a leisurely frolic through blossoming meadows, where instead of flowers, it's whimsical riddles that illuminate the brilliance of your mind!

So, what's holding you back? Gather your furry friends, summon your kin, and extend the invitation to that neighbor whose company you've longed for. Let's forge cherished memories together, for April invites us to embrace renewal and camaraderie. Let's leap forward and etch this April into the annals of cherished recollections! 🌷☔🌱

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. What is the name of the UK’s newest official astronaut?

2. Who’s stalker has been jailed after sending him 8,000 cards in a month?

3. A new huge species of dinosaur, called the Bustingorrytitan shiva, was discovered in which country?

4. What song did the Spice Girls sing at Posh spices 50th birthday?

5. What concession did MPs grant the Lords to allow the Rwanda bill to be passed?

6. What nickname has been given to the European Space Agency's latest intake of astronauts?

7. Taylor Swift fans “swamped” a pub in London that was featured in a track on the singer’s new album. What is the pub called?

8. What classic model of car features in Glasgow-born Jasleen Kaur's Turner Prize nominated work?

9. Who has been approved by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s family, to write a new Sherlock Holmes adventure that focuses Prof Moriarty?

10. According to CouponBirds (who looked at more than 18,000 reviews) which painting has been deemed the world’s most disappointing masterpiece?

11. Who was the first witness to take the stand in Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Manhattan?

12. Several army horses ran loose in a panicked stampede this week in what major city?

13. Why was Athens was shrouded in an orange glow this week?

14. What invention is Tesla doubling down on, despite its recent challenges?

15. At what museum can you now chat with an AI version of the museum's subject?

16. Taylor Swift's latest album broke the record for most vinyl records sold in a week. Whose record did she break?

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2024 News Quiz Answers

1. Rosemary Coogan

2. Harry Styles stalker jailed for

3. Argentina

4. Stop

5. Exemption for Afghan veterans who had helped the British military

6. The Hoppers

7. The Black Dog

8. Ford Escort

9. Gareth Rubin

10. Mona Lisa

11. David Pecker

12. London

13. Dust from the Sahara desert

14. The Cybercab robotaxi

15. Dalí Museum

16. Her own (Taylor Swift)

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