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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 20/05/24

2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

My cherished Britons, as we gracefully step into the final waltz of May, with hearts aglow and spirits alight with the promise of summer, let us not overlook the delightful spectacles that bedeck our digital landscape. This is a season of rejuvenation and connection, where the balmy weather and lengthening days beckon us to embrace the joy of learning and the splendor of shared moments.

In the midst of this merriment, let us not forget the value of staying well-informed. I extend a most heartfelt invitation to each of you to partake in a weekly news quiz. It is an opportunity to exercise our intellectual faculties, indulge in spirited discussion, and share moments of merriment with one another.

So, let us gather our friends, summon our families, and reach out to that neighbor we've been meaning to visit. Together, let us celebrate the essence of May by fortifying our bonds and enriching our minds.

In the warmth of delightful company and stimulating conversation, let us seize this chance to create enduring memories that will linger long after the fleeting days of May have passed. 🌸☀️📰

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. OpenAI says Sky voice in ChatGPT will be paused after concerns it sounds too much like who?

2. Which of Thorpe Park's new rides closed a day after opening?

3. Who has apologised to fans as her Live show was postponed at last minute after she was arrested?

4. What will Rishi Sunak bring back if Tories win general election?

5. Who has sold their P-Diddy documentary to Netflix after a bidding war between streaming services?

6. Windows new AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC to investigated by who?

7. Jeff Bezos has spent $42 million to build a massive clock inside a mountain that will last around how many thousand years?

8. Mitchell Brewing Co had to unplug their phones and close their website temporarily because of demand for which new lager?

9. A rare tweet from investor Roaring Kitty led to renewed interest in what company's stock?

10. Biden and Trump are going to debate twice. What's changed from prior events?

11. Rishi Sunak's damp election announcement was soundtracked by protesters playing what in the background?

12. Which UK-based used-car website once valued at £6bn has collapsed into administration putting 200 jobs at risk?

13. Kabin Crew & Lisdoonvarna Crew are some Irish children having a moment in the viral internet sunshine after their song amassed 8.6m views in a matter of days. What is it called?

14. What North Korean song was banned after going viral?

15. The Chelsea Flower Show opened to the public this weekend. Who placed a seedling from the felled Sycamore Gap tree in one of the show’s gardens?

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2024 News Quiz Answers

1. Scarlett Johansson

2. Hyperia (The worlds tallest rollercoaster)

3. Nicki Minaj

4. National Service

5. 50 Cent

6. Watchdog

7. 10,000

8. Osama Bin Lager

9. GameStop

10. The will be no audience

11. Things Can Only Get Better by D:Ream

12. Cazoo

13. The Spark

14. Friendly Father

15. Dame Judi Dench

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