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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 15/04/24

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2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

My dearest companions of the ever-evolving world, do emerge from your snug nests! April has graced us with its capricious showers and whimsical weather, akin to a lively performance by the unpredictable April rain. Yet amidst this atmospheric ballet, the allure of spring whispers sweetly in our ears, painting the world with vibrant hues and invigorating scents.

But fret not! We've brewed a mesmerizing spectacle to enchant your hearts. Picture an evening filled with mysterious riddles, infused with the essence of the season and seasoned with hearty laughter!

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us for a quiz experience like no other, promising more joy than witnessing nature's awakening after a long winter's slumber. It's poised to be a charming affair, with riddles so captivating, they'll transport you to enchanted realms of curiosity and wonder.

Whether you revel in the rejuvenation of spring or simply delight in the magic of changing seasons, there's something to enchant every soul. Envision it as a leisurely frolic through blossoming meadows, where instead of flowers, it's whimsical riddles that illuminate the brilliance of your mind!

What's holding you back? Gather your furry friends, summon your kin, and extend the invitation to that neighbor whose company you've longed for. Let's forge cherished memories together, for April beckons us to embrace renewal and camaraderie. Let's leap forward and etch this April into the annals of cherished recollections! 🌷☔🌱

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. How much did Donald Trump allegedly pay Stormy Daniels?

2. Beside adequate drainage, what has been blamed for causing flooding in Dubai?

3. Which US restaurant chain is heading for bankruptcy after loosing $11M on all you can eat deals?

4. Jeremy Hunt has said that lowering what is harder than lowering his marathon time?

5. An old bit of equipment from what fell through the roof of Alejandro Otero’s home in Florida last month?

6. A restaurant in Verona, Italy, is offering diners a free bottle of wine if they do what …?

7. After 101 years, a lost Clara Bow short movie was discovered in a can of film bought at a yard sale. What is its name?

8. Why has Munich’s Pinakothek der Moderne gallery sacked a technician and banned him from working in art galleries for three years?

9. Which musical equalled the record for the most prizes for a musical?

10. An unusual design for a railway station in the city of Nanjing has been said to resemble what?

11. In Liz Truss’s new book, why does she claim she ”spent several weeks itching" when she moved into Downing Street in 2022?

12. What industry that was once "the glue holding middle-class families together" is on the brink of collapse, according to The Sunday Times?

13. If the bill to ban Tik Tok is passed, how many months (without a concession), will ByteDance have to sell in order to keep the app in public use?

14. Tesla has recalled nearly how many Cybertrucks due to a manufacturing flaw?

15. Netflix will no longer report subscriber numbers, what will they report instead?

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2024 News Quiz Answers

1. $130,000

2. Cloud Seeding (artificially created clouds)

3. Red Lobster

4. Inflation

5. The International Space Station (ISS)

6. Hand in their mobile phones

7. The Pill Pounder

8. He hung one of his own works in the gallery

9. Sunset Boulevard

10. A sanitary pad

11. Boris Johnson’s dog

12. The Au pair industry

13. 9 months

14. 4,000

15. Time spent using their service

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