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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 11/03/24

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2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

Well, well, my dear friends, do gather 'round! March has graced us with its presence once more, and with it comes the delightful anticipation of Easter, tiptoeing to our doorstep like a spirited rabbit on a sugary spree! But fret not, for we have concocted a splendid treat just for you. Envision this: an evening of quizzical delights entwined with the festive spirit of Easter, sprinkled with merriment for good measure!

We extend to you a cordial invitation to partake in a quiz session that promises more amusement than witnessing a bunny attempt to frolic upon a trampoline. Oh, indeed, it shall be a jolly affair! Picture questions so delightful, they shall whisk you away as if you've unearthed the elusive golden treasure amidst an Easter egg hunt.

And whether you find solace in the traditional customs of Easter or simply revel in the wonders of springtime, there shall be something to delight every soul. Consider it a jaunt through meadows of blossoms, except instead of flowers, it shall be queries that coax your intellect to flourish!

Pray tell, what dalliance holds you back? Gather your companions, summon your kinfolk, and why not extend the invitation to that neighbor whose acquaintance you've been meaning to cultivate? Let us craft cherished memories together, for Easter beckons us to spread joy, and what finer method than through the conviviality of a quiz session? Let us bound forth and etch this March into the annals of remembrance! 🐣🌷🥚

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which royal exacerbated speculation surrounding their recent absence from public view by digitally modifying a photo of themselves before sharing it online?

2. Who has become reform UK’s first MP?

3. Which river was surfed down this week?

4. Hackers have been posing as which kind of agency to solicit personal details from the public?

5. Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate will be extradited to which European country?

6. The worlds most visited adult website blocked which American state from accessing its services?

7. Two attacked in East London have been linked by which weapon?

8. Who will be Wales’ next first minister?

9. In a plot to “get rid of Rishi”, which conservative MP has been tipped as the most likely to replace him at PM?

10. Kamala Harris will host a marijuana reform event with which rapper?

11. After one interview Elon Musk cancelled interviews with which show?

12. Which airline companies plane dropped 15,000 feet within three minutes when an air hostess bumped into the pilot while serving lunch?

13. Which two supermarkets have had to cancel the majority of their deliveries this weekend due to technical issues?

14. How many countries were unable to order McDonalds this week due to a third party technical issue?

15. As of Saturday morning, to the nearest million how much money has Red Nose Day raised this year?

16. Russian blocked radar on which MP’s plane while passing between Poland and Lithuania?

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2024 News Quiz Answers

1. Kate Middleton

2. Lee Anderson

3. The river Severn

4. Recruitment agencies

5. The U.K.

6. Texas

7. A crossbow

8. Vaughan Gething

9. Penny Mordaunt

10. Fat Joe

11. The Don Lemon Show

12. American Airlines

13. Sainsbury and Tesco

14. 4 - Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the UK

15. £37,019,832 (37)

16. Grant Shapps

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