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Free News Quiz of the Week 2024: 08/04/24

Updated: May 3

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2024 Quiz Questions and Answers

Dear friends of the ever-changing universe, emerge from your cozy cocoons! April has graced us with its fickle showers and whimsical weather, akin to a lively performance by the unpredictable April showers. Yet amidst this atmospheric dance, the charm of spring whispers in our ears, painting the world with vivid colors and refreshing fragrances.

But fear not! We have prepared an enchanting spectacle to captivate your hearts. Envision an evening filled with enigmatic quizzes, sprinkled with the essence of the season and seasoned with laughter galore!

We warmly invite you to join us for a quiz like no other, promising more joy than witnessing nature's awakening after a long winter's nap. It's set to be a delightful affair, with questions so intriguing, they'll transport you to realms of curiosity and wonder.

Whether you revel in the rejuvenation of spring or simply savor the magic of changing seasons, there's something to entice every soul. Imagine it as a leisurely stroll through blossoming meadows, except instead of flowers, it's thought-provoking inquiries that illuminate the brilliance of your mind!

What's holding you back? Gather your comrades, beckon your kin, and extend the invitation to that neighbor whose company you've yearned for. Let's craft cherished memories together, for April invites us to embrace renewal and camaraderie. Let's leap ahead and etch this April into the records of cherished remembrance! 🌷☔🌱

2024 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. WhatsApp have come under criticism for changing the sign-up age from 16 to what age?

2. Due to a series of storms, which unexpected creatures have washed up on the shores of southern England?

3. Which Greek energy group are exploring changing their listing to the London stock exchange?

4. Which celebrity pop-star footballer due have revelled that they’ve never lived together?

5. Which disastrous children’s event that went viral, is being recreated tongue in cheek in L.A.?

6. Who’s taken over Gordon Ramsay’s pub in central London, which is currently up for sale with a guide price of £13m?

7. Which Billionaire will be investigated over fake news and obstruction in Brazil after a Supreme Court order?

8. A winner from which reality TV show has been caught as a part of a cannabis import gang?

9. Which super rare comic book set a record and was sold for more than $6 million (£4.75 million)?

10. Which of the following items was added to the basket of goods used by the UK's Office for National Statistics to measure inflation?

11. M&S is investing £1 million to improve the diet of its dairy cows in an effort to curb emissions of which gas?

12. A recent study found that providing people with what object can boost a person's earnings in low-income countries?

13. Rishi Sunak has been accused of making a brand of trainers uncool by wearing which shoes?

14. Deputy Labour party leader Angela Rayner has pledged to step down if a police investigation finds she has committed which crimes?

15. Chechnya has reportedly banned music that is what?

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2024 News Quiz Answers

1. 13

2. Loggerhead turtles

3. Mytilineos

4. Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

5. Glasgow’s Willy Wonka ‘Chocolate Experience’

6. Squatters

7. Elon Musk

8. Come Dine With Me

9. Superman

10. Vinyl records

11. Methane

12. Reading glasses

13. Adidas Sambas

14. Electoral law and avoiding capital gains tax

15. Too fast 116(bpm) or too slow 80(bpm)

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