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Free News Quiz of the Week 2023: 6/11/23

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

As the date of 06/11/2023 approaches, we invite you to partake in a riveting journey through our "Weekly Trivia Adventure." In the midst of the enchanting atmosphere surrounding this particular time, staying finely attuned to the latest happenings transforms into a captivating exploration.

Whether you're a dedicated follower of current events, an occasional observer, or simply a curious soul in search of an enjoyable and enlightening quiz experience, our challenge warmly welcomes participants from all walks of life and levels of curiosity.

We kindly ask for your consistent presence as we curate intellectually stimulating questions, meticulously designed to spark curiosity, provide a touch of amusement, and deepen the reservoirs of your knowledge. By doing so, you enhance your cognitive abilities and become a valued member of our dynamic community of trivia enthusiasts. Feel free to incorporate these questions into your own weekly gatherings or utilize them to create engaging family quizzes. The more participants, the merrier the engagement and enjoyment, especially as the historical spirit of this time weaves its captivating spell around us all on 06/11/2023.

2023 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Prince Charles gave the first King's Speech in how many year?

2. Which animal was spotted wondering the streets of a town near Rome?

3. Britain’s loneliest what? Has been rescued after two years stuck at the foot of cliff?

4. Nestle have discontinued Caramic, and which other chocolate bar launched in 1963?

5. Ottawa paid nearly $670,000 for who to advise on cutting consultant costs?

6. Who was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive of 2023?

7. The longest-ever strike by Hollywood actors ended after how many days?

8. Which US state became the 24th to legalise recreational marijuana?

9. Which two countries are hosting the 2023 Gay Games?

10. What is the name of Elon Musk’s new chatbot?

11. Which business once worth – on paper – $47bn, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy?

12. Attendees complained of eye problems after attending an NFT for which character?

13. Which fast food restaurant is collaborating with Crocs?

14. Why was Suella Braverman fired?

15. Who’s entered the jungle for an estimated 1 millon GBP?

16. An 89 year old man has thanked himself in newspaper for doing what?

17. What do female frogs do to avoid mating with males?

2023 Quiz Answers

1. 72 years

2. Lion

3. Sheep

4. Animal Bar


6. Patrick Dempsey

7. 119 days

8. Ohio

9. Hong Kong and Mexico

10. Grok

11. Wework

12. Bored Ape

13. McDonalds

14. Accusing the police of bias

15. Nigel Farage

16. Cutting his neighbours hedges

17. Play dead

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Quiz Of The Week

2023 Quiz Questions

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