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Free News Quiz of the Week 2023: 18/12/23

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

As we merrily approach the enchanting eve of 18/12/2023, we extend a jolly invitation to our bustling toy workshop for a festive celebration! Come, join us in the magical tale of our "Weekly Trivia Expedition."

In this spirited season, staying in tune with the latest happenings transforms into a delightful adventure. Whether you're an avid follower of current events, an occasional observer, or a curious elf seeking a joyful quiz journey, our challenge opens its doors to participants from every corner of the North Pole.

I joyfully summon you to become a part of our spirited community, where we fashion intellectually stimulating inquiries shaped like festive ornaments. Join in to sharpen your cognitive candy cane and share the holiday joy. Feel free to sprinkle these festive questions into your own gatherings or use them for lively family quizzes. The more, the merrier, as we embrace the magical influence of Christmas on 18/12/2023 🎄🦌🕯️🧦🎁

2023 News Quiz Questions and Answers

1.700 people fell sick with gastroenteritis after which company staff Christmas dinner?

2. A woman was devastated after burning a Christmas gift her husband because he hid it where?

3. New Banksy artwork was stolen less than an hour after unveiling in south London. Which sign was it graffitied onto?

4. Universal Studios has written to residents in which country about a potential theme park?

5. Trumps ex-wife Ivana has claimed he kept speeches of who beside his bed?

6. What is the full title of Chicken Run 2?

7. Which song is Christmas Number 1?

8. Which show is top of the UK Netflix TV Chat?

9. U.S. Steel, an icon of 20th-century American industry, announced this week that it would be sold to which foreign steel manufacturer?

10. The European Union reached a major deal this week on how to collectively handle which issue?

11. Rudolph W. Giuliani filed for bankruptcy protection on Dec. 21 after a jury ordered him to pay $148 million for defaming whom?

12. Which actor plays Willie Wonka in the film Wonka?

13. A medieval Christmas token has been found during an archaeological survey in which county?

14. Rangers have won the Scottish League Cup for the first time in how many years?

15. New research suggests that on average children start to believe Santa isn’t real at what age?

16. What is the name of Eddie Murphy’s new Christmas movie?

2023 News Quiz Answers

1. Airbus

2. In the Oven

3. A stop sign

4. Bedford

5. Hitler

6. Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget

7. Wham - Last Christmas

8. The Crown

9. Nippon Steel

10. Changing the migration system

11. Former Georgia election workers

12. Timothée Chalamet

13. Norfolk

15. 8

16. Candy Cane Lane 

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2023 Quiz Questions

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