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Free Monthly Technology Quiz Questions: September/October 2023

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

Salutations, tech aficionados, to the enthralling domain of innovation and digital progress! Prepare to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge tech world with the current edition of the "Monthly Tech Quiz," tailored for September and October 2023. As we venture into the heart of autumn, allow your inquisitiveness to be your guiding star through a series of intricately constructed challenges designed to evaluate your grasp of technology across diverse spheres, historical milestones, and visionary creators. Whether you're a tech maestro, a seeker of technological revolutions, or simply an admirer of the evolution of innovation, this quiz offers a dynamic fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. So, channel your technological acumen, elevate your enthusiasm, and embark on an unparalleled journey through the realm of tech. Welcome to the September/October 2023 Tech Challenge – let the quest begin!

Technology Quiz Questions
Technology Quiz Questions

2023 Technology Quiz Questions

1. Which company plans to launch a new 'superpremium' subscription level?

2. Which AI company is considering making their own AI chip?

3. What is the name of Adobe's AI software that got a boost this week?

4. Which social media company is considering going Ad free?

5. Who does new AI startup 'Induced AI' have as an early backer?

6. Sam Bankman Fried allegedly tried to buy off which politician?

7. Which AI tool now has access to the internet?

8. What asset have a committee of MPs said will affect the reputations of artists and sport clubs if they promote them?

9. The AI energy industries usage has been compared to that of which sovereign state?

10. What tech did Google reveal on 04/10/2023?

2023 Technology Answers Questions

1. Spotify

2. Open AI

3. Adobe Firefly

4. X

5. Sam Altman

6. Donald Trump

7. Chat GPT

8. NFTs

9. The Netherlands

10. The Google Pixel 8

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Monthly Technology Quiz Template
Monthly Technology Quiz Template

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