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Free Monthly Politics Quiz Questions: September 2023

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

2023 Quiz Questions and Answers

Enter the domain of worldwide affairs and enlightened discussions with our "Monthly Political Quiz Questions for September 2023." In a continuously changing political landscape, it remains imperative to actively involve yourself in the most recent developments and enrich your comprehension of critical matters. This assortment of perceptive quiz questions has been meticulously crafted to grant you insight into the notable political occurrences shaping this very month. Whether you're an ardent politics enthusiast, a curious onlooker, or someone who places a premium on staying well-informed, these queries offer a chance to test your knowledge and broaden your outlook on the dynamic realm of politics in September 2023.

Politics Quiz Questions
Politics Quiz Questions

2023 Quiz Questions

1: Rishi Sunak has announced a delay on the ban of new diesel and petrol vehicles until when?

2. The prime minister’s wife has revealed that who beats up Rishi Sunak’s dog?

3. Thousands of people flooded central London this weekend for what march?

4. George Osborne has described the scrapping of what as an act of huge vandalism?

5. The liberal democrats have have called for what to fund mental health worker in every school?

6. Gordon Brown has called on who to pay this most climate tax?

7. What metric has overtaken social economic class as the biggest differentiator in political beliefs?

8. Even if Trump is administered a prison sentence, he would still be entitled to what?

9. Which state-owned bank has swung to an annual pre-tax loss of more than £147m?

10. According to a former aid, Trump refused to wear a COVID mask because it smudged his what?

2023 Quiz Answers

1. 2035

2. Larry the Downing Street cat

3. The National Rejoin March

4. HS2

5. Triple tax on social media companies

6. The richest oil states

7. Age

8. Secret Service protection

9. British Business Bank

10. Bronzer

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Monthly Politics Quiz Template
Monthly Politics Quiz Template

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