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Free Monthly Politics Quiz Questions: August 2023

Step into the realm of global affairs and informed discourse with our "Free Monthly Politics Quiz Questions." As the world evolves politically, it's crucial to engage with the latest developments and deepen your understanding of pressing issues. This collection of insightful quiz questions is designed to offer a glimpse into the significant political events shaping the current month. Whether you're a dedicated follower of politics, a curious observer, or someone who values staying informed, these questions provide an opportunity to challenge your knowledge and broaden your perspective on the dynamic world of politics in August 2023.

Politics Quiz Questions
Politics Quiz Questions

1: Donald Trump was booked at which county jail?

Answer: Fulton County jail

2: Voters described which MP as as useful as a chocolate teapot’.

Answer: Nadine Dorries

3: Who has accused ministers of ‘weaponising air pollution’?

Answer: Sadiq Khan

4: Which tax has Rachel Reeves ruled out if labour get into power?

Answer: Wealth Tax

5: According to Nadine Dorries resignation letter, the country is run by what kind of Parliament where nothing meaningful has happened?

Answer: Zombie Parliament

6: Suella Braverman has suggested using which tagging technology for migrants who cannot be housed in limited detention sites?

Answer: Ankle Tags

7: Activists from which group scaled Rishi Sunak's North Yorkshire home?

Answer: Greenpeace

8:How many years have The Zimbabwe African National Union party been in power?

Answer: 43

9: The Kremlin has begun handpicking the challengers to President Vladimir Putin’s re-election bid next spring. Which two parties / candidates have they approved so far?

Answer: The Communist Parties (Gennady Zyuganov) and The Liberal Democratic Parties (Leonid Slutsky)

10: Rishi Sunk came under heavy fire from a junior doctor live on which radio station?

Answer: LBC

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Monthly Politics Quiz Template
Monthly Politics Quiz Template

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