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Free Monthly Music Quiz Questions: October 2023

Greetings, fellow music aficionados! Prepare to step into the dynamic universe of melodies and rhythms as we unveil "The Monthly Music Challenge" for October 2023. This thrilling musical adventure is perfectly attuned to the month of Halloween. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of music and put your musical expertise to the test with the latest edition of this captivating quiz.

As we journey through October 2023, allow your inquisitive spirit to guide you through a bewitching playlist of questions. These queries will push the boundaries of your music knowledge, spanning various genres, eras, and iconic musicians. Whether you're a virtuoso of chart-toppers, a connoisseur of hauntingly nostalgic tunes, or simply someone who finds joy in dancing to the beat, this quiz guarantees a harmonious fusion of entertainment and enlightenment.

So, assemble your musical prowess, dial up the excitement, and get ready for a spellbinding melodious journey like no other. Let's kick off the October 2023 Music Challenge with a musical twist! 🎵🎃

Music Quiz Questions
Music Quiz Questions

Music Quiz Questions 2023

1: Who is the new Halloween song "Danse Macabre" sung by?

2: What is the working title of the new and final Beatles song?

3: Ed Sheeran invited who onto stage in his Las Vegas show this week?

4: Who are rumoured to be reuniting for the opening ceremony of the French Olympics?

5: Which musician has been accused on running a Ponzi scheme?

6: Garth Brooks is releasing hi new album 'Time Traveler'... exclusively through which American high street retailer?

7: Who is Philip Norman's most recent book about?

8: Who is currently topping the Billboard Global 200?

9: Danny Elfman's Music from the Films of which director is currently playing at the Albert Hall?

10: Finish the lyric... "Your job's a joke, you're broke. Your..."?

Music Quiz Answer 2023

1. Duran Duran

2. Now and Then

3. Brandon Flowers

4. Daft Punk

5. DJ Envy

6. Bass Pro Shops

7. George Harrison

8. Bad Bunny

9. Tim Burton

10. Love life's DOA

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Monthly Music Quiz Template
Monthly Music Quiz Template

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