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Free Monthly Music Quiz Questions: August 2023

Hey there, music fanatics, welcome to the electrifying world of sound and rhythm! Get ready to vibe and put your musical skills to the test with the hottest release of the "Free Monthly Music Quiz." As we dive into the heart of July 2023, let your curiosity-led groove lead you through a playlist of questions that'll challenge your music knowledge across all genres, time periods, and legendary artists. Whether you're a chart-topping maestro, a seeker of nostalgic tunes, or simply someone who loves to move to the beat, this quiz guarantees an epic mix of fun and enlightenment. So, round up your musical intellect, crank up the excitement, and prepare to embark on a melodic journey like no other. Let's kickstart the July 2023 Music Quiz! 🎵💫

Music Quiz Questions
Music Quiz Questions

1: Which cover song is at number 2, which has already been covered by the folwoing artists: Khalid, Black Pumas, Justin Bieber, Passenger, Sam Smith and Jonas Blue feat.Dakota.

Answer: Fast Car (Luke Combs)

2: What type of guitar does Oliver Anthony use in the number one hit Rich Men North Of Richmond?

Answer: Resonator

3: How would Taylor Swift describe the summer?

Answer: Cruel

4: Who at the age of 30 claims they used to be young?

Answer: Miley Cyrus

5: Who currently has the most songs in the Billboard Hot 100?

Answer: Taylor Swift

6: Who is currently topping the Billboard Global 200

Answer: 정국 (Jung Kook) 'Seven (feat. Latto)' Official MV

7: At the age of 75, who has entered The Official U.K. Albums Chart at number 8 this week?

Answer: Alice Cooper (Road)

8: Who currently has the most collobartions in the Billboard Hot 100?

Answer: The Weeknd

9: Which band is teasing their first release in 18 years?

Answer: Rolling Stones

10: Which movie soundtrack was voted into the Classic FM Movie Music Hall of Fame 2023?

Answer: The Lord Of The Rings

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Monthly Music Quiz Template
Monthly Music Quiz Template

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