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Free Monthly Entertainment Quiz Questions: October/November 2023

Greetings, entertainment enthusiasts, to the exhilarating realm of creativity and amusement! It's time to get ready and showcase your entertainment flair with the latest edition of the "Monthly Entertainment Quiz." As we immerse ourselves in the heart of September 2023, let the spirit of excitement guide you through a series of challenges crafted to broaden your knowledge of entertainment across genres, time periods, and iconic figures. Whether you're a master of cinematic wonders, a seeker of nostalgic entertainment moments, or simply someone who thrives on the excitement of the show, this quiz promises to offer a dynamic fusion of amusement and enlightenment. So, gather your entertainment savvy, boost the enthusiasm, and get ready to embark on a journey through entertainment like no other. Let the September 2023 Entertainment Challenge begin!

Entertainment Quiz Questions
Entertainment Quiz Questions

Entertainment Quiz Questions 2023

1. What it the name of the Beatles new single?

2. What is the number 1 UK Netflix film this week?

3. Who did Louis Theroux recently interview?

4. What have Simpson writers confirmed Homer will continue doing?

5. Which celebrity chef has welcomed in his sixth child?

6. Which boxer in entering the jungle?

7. Who thought they were being asked to star in a James Bond film, when in fact it’s a reality TV game show?

8. Which band had a tragic moment where a member failed a backflip?

9. Which 90s star is the latest to release their Netflix documentary?

10. Which rapper has lashed out at fans, after they praise a song that recreated his voice using AI?

Entertainment Quiz Answers 2023

1. Now and Then

2. Locked In

3. Anthony Joshua

4. Strangling Bart

5. Gordon Ramsay

6. Tony Belles

7. Brain Cox

8. JLS

9. Robbie Williams

10. Bad Bunny

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Monthly Sports Quiz Template
Monthly Sports Quiz Template

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