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Feeling Hot Hot Hot Picture Quiz

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Get ready to turn up the heat with the "Feeling Hot Hot Hot" quiz! This sizzling summer challenge is designed to put your general knowledge to the test as you arrange each country based on their hottest ever recorded temperature. Your task? Arrange the items from the highest ever recorded temperature to the lowest to score maximum points. If the country is in the right position in the list, you score your team two points, and if you'll score 1 point if the country is either side of its correct position.

Whether you're competing with pals, enjoying family time, or taking it on solo, the "Feverishly Hot Printable Picture Quiz" guarantees an experience that blends fun with knowledge. So grab those quiz sheets, put on your thinking cap, and prepare to revel in the satisfaction of unraveling the perfect order of temperatures in this spellbinding and gratifying quiz!

Summer Powerpoint Quiz

Download, Print, or Display Digitally: Our quiz is conveniently available for download, print, and digital display on our Etsy Store: , making it a perfect addition to your quiz event. Gather your friends, family, or quiz team, and get ready for some brain-teasing fun!

Feeling Hot Hot Hot Questions

Feeling Hot Hot Hot Printable Quiz
Feeling Hot Hot Hot Printable Quiz

Highest Ever Recorded Temperature

United States of America (57°C)

2nd Highest Recorded Temperature

3rd Highest Recorded Temperature

4th Highest Recorded Temperature

5th Highest Recorded Temperature

6th Highest Recorded Temperature

7th Highest Recorded Temperature

8th Highest Recorded Temperature

9th Highest Recorded Temperature

Lowest Temperature

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