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Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt Riddles For Around The House And Outside

Updated: Mar 24

A Fun and Engaging Activity for the Whole Family

Are you looking for a fun and engaging activity to do with your family this Easter? Look no further than an Easter egg scavenger hunt! And to make it even more exciting, we've compiled a list of Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles to challenge your family's wit and creativity.

easter egg scavenger hunt riddles outside
easter egg scavenger hunt riddles outside

Here are some ideas for your Easter egg scavenger hunt:

  1. Create a map of your garden or a nearby park with clues leading to the locations of the eggs. Make sure to include some challenging riddles to keep things interesting.

  2. If you have a larger group of participants, consider breaking them up into teams and creating a competition out of the hunt. Have each team start at different locations and race to be the first to find all the eggs.

  3. For a twist, you can hide the eggs in unconventional places, like hanging them from trees or hiding them in bushes. This will make the hunt even more challenging and fun!

Now, let's dive into the Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles. These riddles will not only challenge your family's problem-solving skills but also add an extra layer of fun to the hunt.

1. "I'm always hungry and I love to eat, but you won't find me in the kitchen, take a seat. Look for me where the ground is green, and you might just find an egg, it's like a dream! Answer: The answer is the lawn mower. Hide the egg near the lawn mower or somewhere in the grass.

2. "I'm cold as ice and have a shiny coat, look for me near the thing that keeps the drinks afloat!" Answer: The answer is the refrigerator. Hide the egg near the refrigerator or inside it.

3. "I'm a place where you go to clean up fast, but I'm not the bathroom, that would be aghast! Look for me where the water flows, and you might just find an egg, who knows?" Answer: The answer is the sink. Hide the egg near the sink or in the water.

4. "I'm a place where you go to rest your head, but you won't find me in the bedroom, that's what I said! Look for me where the pillows lay, and you might just find an egg, hip hip hooray!" Answer: The answer is the sofa. Hide the egg near the couch or in the cushions.

5. "I'm a place where you go to relax and soak, but I'm not the bed, that's a joke! Look for me where the bubbles fly, and you might just find an egg, oh my!" Answer: The answer is the bathtub. Hide the egg near the bathtub or in the bubbles.

6. I'm at the head of the bed and I'm soft and snug, Lay your head on me at night or give me a hug. Answer: The answer is a pillow. Hide the egg on top or inside the pillow case.

7. I'll give you a hug but please don't hog, I'll make you swat if you get the wrong tog. Answer: The answer is a duvet. Hide the egg under or on top of the covers.

8. I live in the kitchen and can get very hot, if you like boiling eggs then you'll use me a lot. Answer: The answer is a pot. Turn a pot upside down and hide the egg under it.

9. Some people think I'm potty, talking about me might make you blush. Just remember to always lift the seat and don't forget to flush. Answer: The answer is the lavatory. Make sure you CLOSE the lid, and place the egg on top.

10. Kick up you heels, take a break, it's time for you to be sat. Looking at me, because I'm the thing, all your furniture is pointed at. Answer: The answer is the TV. Safely hide the egg behind or under the television.

If you want to include more traditional scavenger hunt elements in your easter egg hunt try including the following challenges:

  1. Find Jesus on the cross

  2. Try on an Easter Bonnet

  3. Eat Easter Chocolate

  4. Cluck like a Chicken in public

  5. Recreate a famous “Eeeeer whats up doc” moment

  6. Turn water into wine

  7. Find something Roman

  8. Devour a chocolate nest

  9. Lay an egg

  10. Smell a bunch of lilies

If you don't feel like making your own easter scavenger hunt, why not try downloading our printable easter scavenger hunt game:

Easter egg hunt clues for indoor fun:

Our house holds spots where eggs can cleverly be spun, below are ten rhymes just for fun!

1."In drawers of wood, eggs may secure. Look close, explore, to find what's pure." (chest of drawers)

2. It's where drinks are poured, don't overthink. Search within the room where dishes clink..." (sink)

3. "Dirty clothes do go in, the clean ones come out of this thing" (washing machine)

4. "In cardboard boxes, eggs unite. Not always chocolate, this one's hidden tight." (egg box)

5. "Lost in pages, a hiding nook. Where knowledge lies, go and look." (books)

6. "Camouflaged among some I'm unseen. Inside this laundry vessel, a clever scene." (laundry basket)

7. "Congratulations, now don't delay. Check where brushes and toothpaste lay." (bathroom sink)

8. "Under covers, where dreams retreat. Find this egg, next to some cozy feet." (bottom of the bed)

Want to be notified when we post new scavenger hunts? Sign-up to our community here:

Now that you have some Easter egg scavenger hunt riddles, it's time to start planning your hunt! Get creative with your hiding spots and have fun challenging your family's problem-solving skills. Happy Easter!

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