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2020 Picture Dingbats Quiz

Here's a throwback to a Dingbats Quiz we created for 2020! Step into the world of brain-teasing imagery as we journey back to the remarkable year that was 2020. From global events that shook the world to pop culture phenomena that kept us entertained, this quiz will challenge your ability to decipher symbols and icons that represent the memorable moments of that year. Get ready to test your knowledge and observation skills as you decode the pictorial conundrums that define 2020. Can you unravel the enigmatic images and piece together the stories they tell? Let's dive into the intriguing snapshots of 2020 and see if you can crack the code!

Each group represents a distinct event, person or icon associated with 2020, with a total of 10 to decode. How many can you solve?

Looking for a quick printable version of this quiz? Download it from our Etsy from our Etsy store here:

2020 Dingbats Quiz
2020 Dingbats Quiz

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