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Case Studies

Mortgages Plain and Simple

Location - Westminster

"BucketRace went above and beyond our expectations and they delivered a truly bespoke and unique experience. They covered all our needs - from entertainment to food & drink, thank you so much for your hospitality we had such a great day!".  

Mortgages Plain and Simple are a company based in Worcester who were looking for a hassle free experience when organising an outdoorsy team building day in London. They came to BucketRace asking for a service that provided a deep understanding of The City of London, which could supply them with a fun, active and challenging team building event, combined with a variety of options for food and drink journeying into the late evening. 
On the day
As there was no requirement for a drinks reception, we decided to kick-off their BucketRace in Hyde Park to keep the costs more manageable. Using some quick games, we organised the teams into a random mixture of different employees to make sure people were problem solving and socialising with new groups. The Race section lasted for 3 hours and we ended in cryptic location, which had drinks waiting upon arrival. The points are calculated in real time, so there was no waiting around, within 5 minutes of the final team finishing we were into their 'Round Down'. We started with the top 3 funniest and most creative photos/videos, which were displayed on our portable projector, showcasing some of the best task submissions of the day! We then handed out BucketRace trophies and experience photos for both categories. Finally we ended by announcing all the teams scores, which were read out from lowest to highest. The top three teams also received framed experience photos and BucketRace trophies. At the same venue we'd arranged a 2-course meal for all the participants as well as some more pre-ordered drinks. The venue hosted live music and provided entertainment and dancing well into the late evening. 
Set Single Location Race, Round Down, Trophies, Framed Photos, Video Compilation and Party Planning Services - Food & Drink.
If you're new to London, from out of town or just looking for a day that covers all bases, BucketRace can provide the perfect team building event for you! Contact us with your requirements to find out how we can help!
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