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BucketRace started in 2009 and was originally called ‘The Race’. Its first event included a group of 25 University rugby lads, who grouped into 4 teams and competed against one another by checking items off an assigned list. The original list held no prisoners and included tasks not for the faint hearted. The list consisted of tasks in Paris, Amsterdam as well as random miscellaneous tasks. The picture to the left was of the task 'immerse your whole team in water'. We were meant to walk into a lake or the sea, but Team Bl8s came up with an alternative solution - the bath tub. One of the competitors also worked for Red Bull and asked us to pose with Red Bull in the all the photos. 


In 2010 BucketRace extended it’s time to 48 hours and the event started to develop more structure. Additionally, the BucketRace CD was introduced, which showcased unsigned musicians to the competitors of the event, while they were road tripping between countries. The picture to the right depicts possibly Team Bl8's finest moment. The task was 'Spell The Race out in giant letters in front of the Eiffel Tower'. When we arrived in Paris at around 06:00, we had no idea how we were actually going to achieve the task. When we arrived at the lawns in front of the Eiffel Tower, we found them littered from gatherings the night before. So we collected all the rubbish we could, built The Race sign and waited for Eiffel Tower to open. Rubbish collectors then tried to clear away our sign, but we managed to protect it just long enough to take this photo from the top. 


In 2011 the event was opened up to the rest of the University. The miscellaneous tasks were expanded upon, more countries were added and the concept of ticking items off a Bucketlist started to become the central theme. The photo to the left shows one of the cars kitted out in vinyls, while parked in the streets of Luxembourg.It was a 14 hour round trip but totally worth it!


In 2012 BucketRace changed its name from ‘The Race’ to BucketRace, after we received a letter threatening to sue us for £100,000 because of a trademark infringement. I'm surprised they got so upset as 'one' - they're HQ was in France and 'two' - we were a bunch of Uni students having a laugh. Apparently we had - clearly copied their content and ideas - even though they were running some sort of Yachting Race. Anyway, to avoid any hassle we changed our name. The picture to the right shows The Kraken and Log at the top of Mount Snowdon. We trekked up there in fancy dress with a hangover, after pulling an all nighter and driving straight from completing tasks in Liverpool. The best thing was - everyone else around us was in full hiking gear and we still beat them to the top!

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