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Case Studies

Grant Thornton

Location - Multilocation

"‘The scavenger hunt was a great activity, all the feedback has been very positive."  

Grant Thornton.png
Grant Thornton were looking reached our to us to provide a Scavenger Hunt appropriate for over 100 people. They needed the hunt hosted at their offices, in order to fill the 2.5 hour gap between a department training day and team dinner. They required the hunt to be fun yet professional; and asked for it to include trivia and challenges relatable to their company. Finally, they wanted an event that would allow team mates who don't normally work together to engage, break the ice and address challenges in an uncommon enviroment. 
On the day
We organised people into teams and provided everyone with a couple of slides outlining the rules of BucketRace prior to the event via email, because of the scale of people taking part. The company also had an idea of who they wanted to mix together, to provide diversity across the teams. On the day we started by handing out the bespoke BucketRace Lists to each team, we then asked teams to submit their practise task 'find a pen' to make sure they knew how to the process of task submission worked. We then recapped the rules, which were displayed on the televisions and projectors provided. Once teams were confident with what to do, they started on their 2.5 hour Race around 'The Square Mile'. 
The Race ended back at their offices and the points were calculated in real time, so there was minimal around after the final team finished. Next we were into the 'Round Down'. We started with the top-3 funniest and most creative photos/videos, which were displayed on the televisions and projectors within the offices, showcasing some of the best task submissions of the day! We then announced all the teams scores, which were read out from lowest to highest. After the top 3 teams, best photo/video and most creative photo/video were announced, we also handed out trophies. 
Set Multi-location Race, Round Down, Trophies.
If you're looking for a new adventure to complete with your team or department, then BucketRace can provide the perfect event for you! Contact us with your requirements to find out how we can help!
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