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Whacky Wager Betting

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It’s a night of fictional whacky betting madness, where you won't be placing your bets with real money, but with with our special virtual bucket coins, across a series of genuinely live Whacky events!

Novel, quirky, and modern, it’s our bonkers bet bonus. You’ll still get to roll big, and feel that adrenaline, but in a monetary free environment. You bet this is the game for you!

At the beginning of the evening, each player will be issued with 100 coins to play with. After a brief overview of how the betting and odds work, guests will have the opportunity to place their first bets. Our first round of betting involves our Lego coaster. This event will be running throughout the entire duration of your evening. You’ll need to place your bets on how many laps the coaster will do! Be warned it may surprise you! In between races, we will play your selected playlist and it gives you a chance to socialise in your video chat rooms, have a drink and discuss your next bet. So head on down to our virtual crazy casino and let’s get betting!

What you need

Real World: x1 smart device per team.

Virtual: x2 smart devices, headphones and a stable internet connection.


You’ll start the game with 100 fictional coins. It’s up to you how you want to spend them… Some rounds can be more fruitful than others; however, you’ll be rewarded for your bravery, with bigger returns if you take bigger risks. Don’t worry if you run out of coins, you can always visit the banker, or even the loan shark, but beware, you’ll owe them some interest… Or if you’re not careful you may owe them even more! If you max out your funds more than three times, you can continue to play, but you’ll receive a DNF on the leaderboard, and probably a visit from the loan shark.

Round Examples

Lego Roller Coaster

How many times will our lego roller coaster go around its track during your experience? If your bet hits the nail on the head, you will receive a return of x4 on your investment. If your bet is within 10% of the correct number you will receive a return of x3 on your investment. If your bet is within 20% of the correct number you will receive a return of x2 on your investment.

Unicorn Race

A head-to-head drag race between two unicorns. It’s 50/50, so your odds are 2/1. If you get the correct answer you will receive a x2 return on your investment.

Whacky wheel

Someone on the call will have the chance to decide how hard we spin our whacky wheel. The wheel will land on a category, and you’ll need to bet on your own confidence in your knowledge on that subject. If you get the question correct, you’ll earn a tidy profit for your efforts.

Hot Wheels Drag Race

Six cars to choose from, but there can only be one winner! It’s a high stakes round, with a hefty return, for those who dare to dream big!

Steel Marble Run

Five marbles will be racing against one another, on our giant steel marble run. If you place in the top 3, you will receive either a big profit, a small profit, or you’ll break even.

Electronic Derby

 Four horses to choose from. You’ll receive a return on your bet if you place in the top 3, but there are no points for each way!

Task Submission

Tasks are submitted via mobile, iPad or computer, using a custom form. Players must have an email address, and be willing to sign-in through Google to play.


Public Events

Before your game, you will need to register for the event on our website. After you've purchased your ticket, we will send you the registration link via email.

Private Events

We also have fully bespoke events, allowing us to tailor our games around families, birthdays, and celebrations.

To make a booking enquire below, fill in the form, and one of our representatives will be in touch to schedule your game.

We have a large array of extended services including, trophies, t-shirts, jumpers, framed experience photos, as well as a video compilation of your experience.

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