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The Fat Big Virtual Quiz of... Europe

The Fat Big Quiz 2020.jpg


Put on your best Lederhosen, and check yourself out of briehab, because it’s time to put on the ABBA mega mix. We’ve got something for you to Brussel shout about, in our European themed quiz. Whether you’re leave or remain, remember it’s just a game. Show us your Euro vision for the future, and test your whits, as you try and answer these European hits.

Our quiz takes players through ten, highly interactive rounds of virtual gameplay. Using video, audio, special guests, graphics, guest presenters, and live triggers, along with the latest in broadcasting and design software, we bring our players a truly memorable user-friendly, immersive, experience.

The quizzes format consits of five quirky creative rounds and 5 normal quiz style rounds.

The rounds for this quiz are:


Questions: Bog standard quiz question, on stage guest, external guest speaker, picture question, fill in the blanks (famous saying).

European Capitals

A collage of 'say what you can see’ images, built around a scene that is in theme with the season. For our fat big quiz of Europe the theme is European capitals.


Questions: Special guest, name that tune, song in reverse, finish the lyric, album cover, face swap.


In this round players have to name the famous European magicians and monuments, from within our magical animation. To keep you on your toes we’ll be showing you magicians and monuments from all over the globe. If you name a magician or monuments from Europe you’ll gain a point. If you name one from anywhere else in the world, you’ll lose a point.

Food & Drink

Questions: Fake news, inventor, name the national dish, spell the dip, mask a pony.

The Grass isn’t always greener

Can you name the alternative - not so fruitful careers of the five celebrities figurines shown on our subbuteo pitch? You’ll receive one point for identifying the celebrity and one point for identifying their alternative career.

TV / Film

Questions: Where is Ed, esteemed actor Paul Murphy reading a 1 star review, face swap, say what you can see, strap-line from a film.

Who’s that Polimon?

Guess the famous European leaders from the years they were in power and the country's flag, in the style of shadowed Pokemon!

Quirky Quick-fire

A quick-fire round of 10 quirky questions based on the quiz theme.

And finally…

Size It Up

In this round players will have to list the European countries from smallest to largest. If you list an item in the correct position you’ll earn your team two points. If you list an answer either side of it’s correct position, you’ll earn your team one point.

What you'll need

We advise having x 2 smart devices e.g. laptop, iPhone, iPad, a good internet connection, and players must be comfortable with using Google forms to play the game!


Public Events

Available on seasonal dates, check out our schedule here: Public Tickets

Private Events

Available all year round.

For private bookings you can enquire by filling in this form: Enquiry Form

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