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The Fat Big Virtual Quiz of... Easter

The Fat Big Quiz 2020.jpg


The one time of year where it’s safe to put all your eggs in one basket! For all you eggheads out there, it's your time to crack out those bonnets, and follow the clues to hunt down a victory in our Easter themed Quiz. Whether you like your egg scrambled, or your chocolate dark, there are plenty of questions that will hit the mark. Oh and don’t forget the overzealous Fantastic Spinning Jar, of Miniature Chocolate Eggs. Last year, our team kept eating to egg’s, so each week the total got smaller… meaning we had to recount the egg’s and create a new sign. Now we have an automated counter… All this for one quiz question about chocolate eggs. So imagine how good the rest of the quiz must be.

Our quiz takes players through ten, highly interactive rounds of virtual gameplay. Using video, audio, special guests, graphics, guest presenters, and live triggers, along with the latest in broadcasting and design software, we bring our players a truly memorable user-friendly, immersive, experience.

The quizzes format consits of five quirky creative rounds and 5 normal quiz style rounds.

The rounds for this quiz are:


Questions: Bog standard quiz question, on stage guest, external guest speaker, picture question, fill in the blanks (famous saying).


A collage of 'say what you can see’ images, built around a scene that is in theme with the season. For our fat big quiz of easter the theme is chocolate, nom nom nom.


Questions: Special guest, name that tune, song in reverse, finish the lyric, album cover, face swap.

Scrambled Legs

Can you name the cartoon characters by only looking at their legs?

Food & Drink

Questions: Fake news, inventor, stained glass, the fantastic jar of miniature chocolate eggs, magic show.

Are You Chicken?

We’ll be pulling items out of eggs. All of these items act as clues for your next quiz question. All of the questions in this round are related to daredevils, but ask yourself this… Are you chicken? If you answer a question correctly, you’ll be rewarded for your bravery and receive two points; however if you answer incorrectly, you’ll crash and burn and lose your team one point!

TV / Film

Questions: Where is Ed, esteemed actor Paul Murphy reading a 1 star review, lego reenactment, face swap, strap-line from a film.

Rabbiting On

Our host will be playing a live remix, with samples from famous rabbits. 10 rabbits to listen to listen out for! How many can you name?

Quirky Quick-fire

A quick-fire round of 10 quirky questions based on the quiz theme.

And finally…


This is your change to repent for your sins, all pull a rabbit out of a hat. In this round you’ll need to try and answer a biblical question correctly. If you do, not only will you earn your team a point, you’ll also have the opportunity to resurrect a question you answered incorrectly during the quiz, and input the correct answer this time.

What you'll need

We advise having x 2 smart devices e.g. laptop, iPhone, iPad, a good internet connection, and players must be comfortable with using Google forms to play the game!


Public Events

Available on seasonal dates, check out our schedule here: Public Tickets

Private Events

Available all year round.

For private bookings you can enquire by filling in this form: Enquiry Form

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